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Title: Surprise Me, Part Four
Location: Pandora's Box
Setting: CO's Office

"Do you have a way to decipher the message?" she asked.

Captain Kamranov smiled. "Yes, perhaps. I can see how that works with these old phrases for substitution, " he said, punching some more tiny buttons for the slim cases to begin searching using the keywords.

"Special Delivery would be a beam out most likely more than one in some sort of sequence..." he started to say staring at the words. He had used that more than once in his life although he wasn't able to remember that yet.

"Ahhh.. The two toppings meaning two people? What would the specific toppings mean?" she asked.

"Yes or two objects and some permutation of that," he said reading and scrolling down.

"Hmmm... You really do need a secret decoder ring in this business, don't you?" Llew smiled. "I'm getting the order of these narrowed down."

"It's important", the Captain explained, "That if the enemy, we always assume that there is an enemy, vhere to become able to decrypt the message, as we also always assume, that the message not make much sense to them or appear benign in some way or give false information at some level. That's why for certain level of codes we revert to something like this especially vhen the message is not high tech. Your notes here and the ease of translation, even though the languages are quite ancient, imply that there was no advanced technology as we know it to send the message and encrypt it. This does however also imply in contrast more advanced technology than we currently understand it at the same time because of the knowledge of time travel and sending such a message that may be tailored for us of our time or near abouts. It is an interesting paradox in which I hope can be unraveled soon to rescue if needed whoever sent the message before it is too late for them."

"Part of the message must deal with coordinates, " Llewellyn mused. "They would have to have a way to let us know not only where they are, but more importantly, when they are. Do you suppose the message that contained three toppings instead of two might be significant in that regards? I must admit, the peanut butter threw me for a loop "

"Vherry good," the Captain said. "The trick will be to find them at the right time if they are moving through time as it seems."

"Is it possible to send a message to a specific time?" she asked.

Yes," he said carefully. "It is possible to send a message to a specific time. There is much involved. The hardest part perhaps will be to make sure there is someone who can receive and know what to do with the message." He left it unsaid that perhaps whoever had left the message was from the future or had knowledge of the ship and/or himself and maybe LT Moreau's skills. Hoping to successfully target who to send the message to could help the agent for a faster and safer retrieval. It could also tip off any enemy agent who might also know such information who would then in turn target the retriever of the information to eliminate them to get to the sender first.

"No kidding. Otherwise you'd just be shouting into the dark," Llew agreed. "They'd have to be fairly certain of some kind of reception I'd think. Otherwise how would 'they know where and when to send it to?" she asked almost absently. "Factoring time into a location gives a whole new meaning to triangulation, " she added. "Turns the whole process into more of a.... Tetrahedron, " she grinned. "I always liked that word. And the shape."

The Captain smiled. She caught on very fast.

"I'm narrowing it down," Llew smiled back. "I'm going to double check the time factor calculations by filtering out the message itself and dating the backgrounds. Each one should be unique to specific times. Even space ages," she told him.

He nodded deep in thought. It would help him immensely if he knew who the person was who sent the message to help figure out which codes to use and how to put them together. Kamranov was beginning to suspect that indeed the sender knew something of them or maybe him and the COMMO.

Llewellyn took advantage of his silence as she listened intently to the background in the messages. Space moved. It shifted. Not a lot, but it did. Combine that with the different sound debris specific to different times, and location in time was becoming clearer. "I've got it, sir," she announced and turned to look at him.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Twenty three eighty seven," she answered. "Several systems away from our present location."

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