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Title: Running into the XO
Location: Pandora's Box
Setting: Transporter Room Three

The XO turned to his new COMMO. "Good to have you onboard, Lieutenant. I am afraid you'll have to settle in later. We need you on the bridge," he said.

"Perfect, sir," Llew smiled brightly. "I hate unpacking," she admitted. "So I'm all yours, Commander."

The XO grinned. "I'll take you to the bridge. We can talk on the way," he said.

Llewellyn bounced on her toes and took a large rather bouncing step forward to keep pace with the XO. "So, the Commander threatened to shoot me out an airlock if she told me any details about Pandora's Box," she grinned up at Varsahlaveu. "Can you tell me about her, or will you have to shoot me out an airlock too?"

"That's only when you haven't signed the non disclosure statements. I trust you have," he said wryly. "If not we will fix that."

"My instructions said to sign them within three days," she told him. "I haven't seen them yet, but I will be more than happy to sign them as soon as you hand them to me, sir."

"My yeoman has them in case we needed to expedite the signing this way. You can sign the turbo lift and give your biometric imprint. Distress call. At least that is what we think it is," CDR Varsahlaveu explained.

"Then the sooner I get them signed, the better," Llew nodded. "That way everything will be all neatly wrapped up by the time we get to the bridge."

"In that case," the XO stopped suddenly before leaving the TR.

Llew came to a screeching, half bouncing stop, but not before she bumped into the XO. "Whoops! Sorry, sir," she grinned and lightly sidestepped so she wasn't still stuck to him.

"Good thing you are communications and not helm," he said.

"Yes, sir," Llew agreed. "Navigation isn't my field, that's for sure," she admitted.

The Yeoman stepped forward to LT Moreau and presented the padd, ident keypad and stylus.

"Thanks," Llew smiled at the Yeoman as she took the padd and penwand. Her bright eyes quickly read through the disclosure statements. She scribbled her signature in all the spots indicated and then handed the padd and stylus back to the yeoman in exchange for the keypad where she pressed her thumb to the reader and entered her biometric signature.

"All legal now," Llew grinned and handed the keypad back to the yeoman and looked up at the XO. "Now you won't have to shoot me out an airlock, sir."

"Not quite. Ensign Sarason?" he said.

"Yes, sir," she said. The security manager stepped forward and entered her information as witness to the "signing".

"Uht-oh..." Llew quirked a brow half expecting to be tossed out an airlock for real.

"Now you are all set. Let's go. TL for the briefing," he said.

"Whew... Safe from the nearest airlock," Llew grinned half in relief. You never knew about these SI types.

The XO began to walk again and the doors opened from the transporter room to the passageway.

"Briefing will be in route to the bridge, I take it?" Llewellyn asked curiously as she followed along, this time beside him in case he stopped suddenly again. She didn't think it good to make a habit of running into the XO right off.

"In the TL, for part. Not for the passageways, " the XO explained. He noticed with a bit of amusement that she was better placed in case he stopped suddenly again.

The security manager took the padd with the documents and looked to the XO. The commander nodded back and Sarason left along with a few others that had joined them in the transporter room.

The XO, his yeoman and another remained. They entered the turbolift with LT Moreau.

Once the doors to the lift closed, Llew turned to the XO and quirked a shapely brow. "I'm ready, sir. What can I expect on the bridge?"

XO pushed a button." Secure comms. Bridge," he ordered.

"One of our communications officers discovered something that may be a distress call. It's puzzling and can shift the balance of things, if we guess wrong. I need someone with your experience to give it a look. It can't wait. The signal itself seems to be five days old, if it is a signal..." he explained.

Llew's, up until now, bubbly, exuberant personality turned serious and professional. "I'll see what I can tell as soon as we get to the bridge, sir," she answered. "Do you have an origin on it?"

"It seems to shift and change yet the range seems the same," he said.

Llew nodded. "Someone may be masking it. Bouncing the signal around so we can't

get a clear bead on it. Sort of like creating a false echo." The XO smiled. "That thought crossed our minds only..this seems different somehow..."

"Hmmm...." Llew looked thoughtful.

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