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Get in on the beginning!! Help form the Klingon sim plan, stories and toppings!!!
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Klingon RPG: We Deliver, Gagh No Extra Charge
pizza with gagh topping
Star Trek Original Series RPG/Sim/PBEM

A small band of TOS Klingons experimenting with time travel end up in 1960s America. Having difficulty with the idea of cultural assimilation and finding it repugnant they try different jobs but nothing works out.

Having been drawn to the name of a new chain, "Jot Wan's Pizza and Chinese Take Out " with a translation error, they investigate.

Then they discover that moving wheels of dead plants with dead animals from one location to another results in something called money which can buy real food without drawing the same type of attention that wiping out forests can bring.

Come for the Pizza! Join us for the laughs.

Stay for the free topping, as you learn the answers to these exciting questions...

What really happened in America's and Russia's race to space!

Who put hip in Hippie?

Who put the pig in Bay of Pigs!

Find out what really happened in the sixties as we relive in history in ways no one should.

GNEC delivering laughs to your mail box since 2270...
Title: Gagh No Extra Charge"
Pace: Slower than molasses on Andoria
Type: Hybrid, Live and Email sim (PBEM)
Flavors: Groovy and Extra Crunchy
Location: Far out man
Delivery date: 10 July

PS: don't forget to tip the driver!

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Klingon Dictionary for Klingon RPG and Sim use
Arranged by topic for easy reference:
Battle Phrases - Updates in progress.
Billets, Ranks and Titles - Updates in progress.
Culture - In the planning phase.
Klingon Family and Related words - Just begun!!!
Klingon Food - Just begun!!!
Medical -Updates in progress.
Klingon Numbers and Related Terms
Ship Terms - Includes an animated decloaking Vorcha class ship.Updates in progress.
Klingon Ship Images and Others - Includes Klingon CO's chair (captain's chair), monitor and torch
Klingon Swearing - In the planning phase.
Weaponry - Images.Names.Updates in progress.

Klingon Buddy Icons - Includes Klingon weapons.
Klingon Buddy Icons - Additional. Please hit the back key to return to this Klingon Dictionary and Klingon Sim page.

Klingon House, tuq qimat, House of Kemat - An ancient and honorable Klingon House

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