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Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek


Title: Eye of Evil (or Evil Eye), Part Three
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

Dr. Laleia-Lii arrived on the bridge to administer the thuradium injections to the bridge crew. The Captain looked up when he heard the doors swoosh open. The CMO smiled professionally and he nodded for her to begin.

To his surprise, she looked distracted as if she were concentrating on something in the back of her mind. This spoke volumes to him without words. There was some problem with the injection that he had not anticipated or been told.

Captain Kematsopoulos knew the CMO had objections to deliberately exposing the crew to radiation but there wasn't any real choice. For reasons still unknown to them, thuradium seemed to cause the aliens to flee a host and in small, short-term dosages it was safe to most of his crew. "So what could the problem be?" he wondered.

The CMO prepared injections and muttered as she often did.  She finished loading a multiple-use hypospray, the sort used for immunization drives on developing planets.

While the good doctor set up, the Captain resumed reading his reports.  Whatever she had to say to him, he hoped could be said out in the open. Leaving the bridge would only magnify whatever the problem was.

The CMO approached him, armed with the hypospray and asked pointedly, "You do realize the risk that getting this injection poses to you?"

The CO was so disturbed reading about XO's condition that he didn't hear her.

"I don't understand why the maternal side of your family never sent DNA samples," she declared.

The CO was distracted and did not catch what she said. "Pardon?" he said as he looked up. He'd have to read that later.

The Doctor looked at him half accusingly as she locked the dosage clip into place. "As I understand things, your grandmother was quite a famous doctor.  A personal hero of mine, in fact . . . the maternal side of your family never sent DNA samples," she said flatly.

"They didn't?" the Captain was surprised by that and raised an eyebrow, a quirk he picked up from spending too much time around Vulcans growing up. He could not believe that PauPau did not send anything yet and wondered where the CMO was taking this conversation.

"No, they did not.  It has been quite a while since I requested them," she groused.

"There's not much left that is close to me blood-wise on my mother's side anymore between the Communists and the Eugenic Wars from the 20th and 21st Centuries. Most of my family fought and lost their lives to those struggles.  There are a lot of Wu's but not directly related anymore. Just a distant, several times removed cousin and her mother, my grandmother and my parents, well you can't er can't er.." the Captain's voice trailed off

He changed subject not wanting to talk about his parents. They had been captured by Klingons while on an archeological dig in his junior year at the Academy. At first they were reported dead. Then later some evidence appeared that could indicate they were still living. He preferred to believe they were alive and tried not to think that being alive as Klingon prisoners might not be better for them.

"Maybe she (grandmother) is busy or off world? That happens a lot. There is a high demand for her talents," he said. He did not mention that his grandmother easily got "planet fever" (cabin fever) and needed to travel a lot as she did when she was done raising him. She had paused a flourishing career to raise him when it became evident his parents were not up to that challenge.

"Yes,... I understand ... but your grandmother's aloofness concerned me."

"She's not really aloof. She just has kept the ancient formal ways. That is what you are seeing. You can't keep customs and traditions that are nearly ten millennia old and not project some of that as 'aloofness' to people who aren't raised with it and don't understand."

"I suppose," she answered knowing that the Captain believed what he said but feeling in her gut that his grandmother was hiding something - something big.

She gave up on that tract for the moment and said, "However, by a stroke of luck, the other side of your family sent more than enough samples. I never knew you had so much extended Greek family."

The Captain flinched, "Nai, Er... that's the larger side of my family ... sort of the exact opposite of my mother's ... kind of opposite in everyway..." he mused. He knew better than to ask how many responded. Knowing them there were probably hundreds or even a thousand samples sent in. For a moment a vision of Sickbay filled to the brim with samples from his father's side of his family filled his head.

"Ah, there's no need for embarrassment, they seemed like nice enough people."

"Very good people. My grandmother too. Just very different peoples."

The Captain took another sip of his tea.

"Some of them sent quite lengthy, friendly notes along with their samples. From what I gathered, they only wish you the best, and would like to know if you've met a nice Greek young lady yet," she said making a noise very close to a giggle.

The Captain choked and nearly spat out his tea. His face turned red.

The CMO waited for exactly the right moment and added, "They sent about fifty pictures of, as they described it, 'lovely young Greek maidens who would like to have large families and start correspondence with you'."

That was it. The Captain lost it and spat out his tea.

The CMO grinned mischievously and gave him an information disk with the pictures and some other items including evil eye beads and bat fur, ancient Greek superstitious items for warding off evil. She had timed this well.

The Captain took them and suddenly felt as if he were an eight year old boy getting his cheeks pinched by his YiaYia at a big family reunion as he wiped the tea off the arm of his chair.  

The man who had won many battles, endured torturous alien rituals and cheated death several times looked desperately around the bridge for some help out of his predicament. It came in the form of a report from the Chief Security Officer.

"Kaptein, Midshipman Richards and I have identified three wrecks that might prove useful. Two have similar material and energy profiles to the Eagle and the other is an old mining vessel. " LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe said.

The Captain breathed a sigh of relief, turned to the Commander very grateful for the opportunity to be spared from a conversation about finding a good Greek or Chinese girl and having lots of children. That was one thing the two groups had in common - trying marry him off one of their own. On one side you had a bloodline from an ancient Emperor that was about to end; on the other one so numerous that they were like stars that filled the heavens. One was solitary but bright and close like the Sun and the other more abundant like the milky way and no less bright. Both sides were very eager for him to marry someone from their culture and adopt all of their ways.

It was an odd mix that young Nouristao Kematsopoulos was born into.  It hadn't occurred to him until now, but perhaps it was his ability to reconcile these two cultures within himself, between each other and find common ground between them that helped make him such a good negotiator, a role he thoroughly enjoyed.

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