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Title: The Eye of Evil,Part Three
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

The USS Eagle exited the wormhole right into another, or was it the same, anomaly? Which ever the case was it didn't really matter - yet.

Captain Kematsopoulos looked again at the viewscreen, seeing all the other ships whose crews never had a chance. Their twisted and mangled space frames, exposed hulls, barren living quarters emphasized the challenges he faced.

He glanced down at his televiewer and saw the damage reports coming in from all over the ship.

Warp engines off-line, impulse engines down, life support inoperative in cargo bay 2, hull fractures in astrometrics, IDS burnt out . . . The list went on and on. And as awful as it was, the Eagle was lucky to have made it through the wormhole, more or less intact.

Captain Kematsopoulos thinks back upon other things and how this situation is not as bad as it seems. He had lived through worse and he had no doubts that he'd get everyone through this one.

He stands a bit shakily at first, the turbulent ride had gotten to him too, but he rose tall and firm and addresses the bridge crew in his strong clear tenor.

"We made it! That is something to be proud of. The Eagle held together for us. Now its time to hold together for her.

We will all be pulling long shifts and hours to get out of here, but we will get out of here.

As you learned in your leadership training courses, the ship can suffer more than collateral damage in situations like this if you let your spirits slip or your resolve slacken.

You must guard against this enemy ... as if it were the aliens that invaded this ship.

The people under your command are counting on you, looking to you for guidance and courage."

He added a bit wryly to lighten the mood as he often did,    ". . .and scuttlebutt."

"Until I say otherwise, and we are able to get our crewmen back, under no circumstances are you tell
others not in a need to know the extent of the damage.

We don't know what we are fighting and 'knowledge is power' as the old saying goes."


The Captain Kematsopoulos motioned to LT Schuler, the comms officer to put him through to the entire crew.
"This is the Captain. We have exited the wormhole. Stand down from red alert. We have sustained some damage and will begin repairs immediately. We will be shutting down all nonessential systems to facilitate this.

We are the crew of the USS Eagle.....

The crew that survived the Romulan attack at Bahrra VII.

The crew that foiled a Romulan terrorist plot to kill the Galadonese Empress.

The crew that stopped the Galadons and the Tureth from fighting.

The crew that prevented Intergalactic war.

The crew that stopped the Binraho from invading our space.

The crew that more than earned the UPUC. "

( UFP Presidential Unit Citation-- )

He pauses and his voice fills with pride as he continues, "I have been and will always be proud you, the finest Starfleet and your homeworlds' have to offer.

We can and will do more than that. We will get through this.

The Eagle held together for us - now it's time to hold together for her. We will be on a port and starboard rotation for the foreseeable future.  For some of us," he winked, "it will be more like port and report.

For those of you who just joined us, you are about to see why the USS Eagle continues to set records for efficiency, courage and dedication ....and not only meets Starfleet standards for excellence but exceeds them.

All able hands report in via comms to the bridge for assignments. Kematsopoulos out."


Securing the shipwide channel, the Captain makes one of those classic captain gambits and shifts  the comms to just Sickbay.  The tone of his voice changes.  It is now both commanding and threatening.

"Unwanted aliens. You got what you wanted. You are back on this side of the worm hole. Leave us, help us or . ..
get out of our way! It's our turn to go home."


With that he cut the channel and returned to the science reports. With all the ships out there, the chances he felt were high for finding materials, if not parts, to help repair the Eagle. Perhaps some of the computer cores were intact enough to learn more of this place where they were?

No matter what the crisis was he felt, there was always an opportunity built in there somewhere. All he had to do was find it.  

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