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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek


Title: Eye of Evil , Part Four
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

Excellent, send out probes and set up the away missions," the Captain replied.

"Aye, sir.  Depending on the shape she's in, we might be able to find some heavy repair equipment on the mining ship," said LCDR Unstoffe

"Start there then. Make sure we get any computer logs that might be able to help us identify what has happened. Send in a party to check it out and recover anything useful.  Tell them to be careful.  We don't know what these aliens may have done to the other ships."

"Aye," the Commander acknowledged as he made away team assignments and uploaded the scans of the ships into the shuttle's computer.

The CMO looked at the Captain to see if he was finished. She decided it was time to get back to work and stop having fun with him. "In any case, whether to get the injection or not is your decision.  If it causes complications, they could be quite grave," she continued as deadly serious as she had been jolly just moments ago.

The Captain thought at the CMO as she taught him to keep the bridge crew from hearing how bad the situation was.

~~Here's the status of the ship and her people: The Eagle is dead in space - a space we don't even know where or what it is. A space that we don't know how to escape or where we'd end up if we do.  Whatever we hit, it took out many of our supplies and extra parts. We will have to find or manufacture a large number of parts to get the ship running again. At least one-third of the crew is unaccounted for.  The XO is critically injured and not expected to make it.  Many of our top scientists and doctors are Vulcans. There's a fair number of them as well who could sub as engineers, but they are already working on the wrong side of this puzzle we are in . . . ~

He paused and took a breath.

~~On your patient's end, I don't know how much of this more I can take. I need some relief from the aliens and I'd really like to stop being a potential threat to the ship and mission we are on, ~ he added with the wry sense of humor he was known for.

The CMO looked hard and worriedly at him. She did not know the situation was so bad, but she did not want him to take this risk.

The Captain saw her concern and replied jokingly to ease it, ~~ You need not worry. I have personally experienced mutations and never want to do that again. I like being me and human and want to stay that way. ~

~The decision is unfortunately easy. There is no other choice. It is done,~~ he finished matter-of-factly.

CMO replied softly, "As you wish, but I will feel terrible if this causes you any more problems than you already have."

The CO resumed the conversation out loud. "Proceed. Your concern is noted and thank you," he said a bit stiffly hoping to underscore his need to end the conversation. He was not going to debate this anymore. He had no other options and he felt it was best to just to forge on ahead.

The Doctor nodded and said, "Roll up your sleeve, please."

Captain Kematsopoulos did so promptly. The doctor hesitated for a moment, and then administered the hypospray.

"How long until it works?" the Captain asked.

The CMO easily read into his question the implication. "He means, 'How long until I feel better?'," she thought to herself.

"It will have to go through your system . . . it may be half an hour to an hour or so," she answered.

The CO resumed the nonverbal conversation and stared at her thinking, ~That long??~

"I'm sorry, but it's all up to your bloodstream now. It may start working within 20 minutes, or it may take an hour and a half.  There's no way of knowing. I'd give you something more for the pain and headaches but you are already maxed out," she replied softly.

The CO inhaled and exhaled. "OK. Please finish the injections and get me a report on who is fit for duty. We need to start getting materials for repairs," he ordered politely, picking up the data padd to look at it again.  

Nouri had hoped the injection would work faster than that. He wanted his head clear. Right now it was full of light and sound and the struggle against permitting the aliens to take him over was giving him headaches, making him nauseous, and physically ill. He hoped he could hold out but told the CSEC to stun him if he could not. "Twenty minutes," he repeated to himself silently as he picked up the padd.

The CMO stepped away from the Captain. She raised her voice to the bridge crew and waved the hypospray.

"OK, people, line up!" she ordered in a voice of volume and authority that went way beyond her less than five foot frame.

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