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Commander Tsiolokovsky- Off Duty Page
Homeworld: Earth

Full Name: Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky

Nickname from Crew: Ivannova the Terrible
Nickname from Close Friends: Val
Billet: Chief Engineer, CENG

Hobbies:Trying to correct the spelling of her name on all her Starfleet files, singing, kick boxing, pugilism
Abilities: Technical, Mechanical, Musical

Musical Instruments:
Rigellian guitar

Favorite Old Earth Movies:
The Shootist (John Wayne)
True Grit (John Wayne)

Favorite Old Earth Music and Composers:
Verdi: Fortza del Destino
Puccini: La Boheme

Family History:

She comes from a long line of space farers, starting with her namesake Valentina Tereshkovna and scientists like Konstantin Tsiolkovksy. She is very proud and draws inspiration from her ancestors in space science and space travel. Her parents are admirals in Starfleet. Her mother was a doctor who traveled up the ranks and still practices medicine. She has four brothers and is the youngest child. This obviously made her quite tough and tenacious.


She is harder than transparent steel and tougher than dilithium crystals. She has a fiery spirit and temper hotter than a power surge from a faulty Romulan cloaking device.

Commander Valentina Tsiolkovsky's Biographical Information: CENG's Starfleet Personnel Record

Commander Valentina Tsiolkovsky's Stories and Information: CENG Quarters


"A job worth doing right is worth doing right the first time."
"What part of now don't you understand?"
"Yes, I am Admiral Tsiolkovsky and Admiral Tereshekovna's daughter. Who are you and why do you want to know?"
"That's a Russian food."
"That's a Russian saying."
"That's a Russian invention."
"That duotronic enhancer is peas of burnt bread (piece of toast)"

Family Recipes:
Herring Salad Click here
Houlupki (Halupki:)Cabbage Rolls Click here
Blini Click here
Chicken Stroganoff Click here

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