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Captain K- Off Duty Page
Homeworld: Earth

Full Name: Nouristao Kematsopolous

Nickname from Crew: Captain K
Nickname from Close Friends: Nouri
Nickname from Childhood Family and Friends(Additional): S'Tao
Hobbies:Trying to correct the spelling of his name on all his Starfleet files, Martial Arts, Theoretical Mathematics, Composing Music
Abilities: Technical, Mechanical, Linguistic, Diplomatic, Martial Arts

Musical Instruments Played:

Vulcan lute

Favorite Old Earth Movies:

Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (It's a true story!! ;o) )

Favorite Old Earth Music:

Brahms, "Fourth Symphony", Op.98
Beethoven, "Seventh Symphony",
Beethoven, "Fifth Symphony", Op.67
German Lieder- Schubert,"Das Erlkoening"
Chan Hok Yau,"You Are My Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter"

Family History: On his mother's side, the early recorded beginnings of his ancestry can be traced back to the Wu Dynasty of the time of Emperor Wu and Sun Tzu. During Eugenics War his part of the Wu Family Clan suffered serious losses. This and the one child policy dwindled the Clan to only several thousand.

During the People's Third Democratic Revolution 2045 (where China removes Communist Party from power), the Wu Clan sufferend more losses.

It is important to note that while many people still have the family name of Wu (also transliterated into English as "Woo" which is the preferred by his more recent family after the Revolution) in 2293, that in our story they are not directly related to Emperor Wu's bloodline. In this story there are only five direct descendents left that we know of. They are: the Captain, his mother, his grandmother, his very distant many times removed cousins(a mother and her daughter).

His grandmother, Dr. Woo, was a doctor in Starfleet for a long time. She was very skilled and later specialized in difficult high profile cases. She has a lot of pull behind the scenes from this and used part of her clout to have certain people be assigned to the USS Eagle to serve with her grandson.

Personal History:

Nouristao Kematsopoulos was born on Crete, Earth in 2267 to Dr. Woo Luin'dro and Dr. Demetrious Kematsopoulos. His early childhood was without incidence.  Dr. Woo and Dr. Kematsopoulos were pacifists and respected archaeologists. They both believed that knowledge of ancient history of a race result in a  better understanding of a  culture. That, they believed to be key in avoiding future conflicts. They held high aspirations to one day work on digs for Romulans, Klingons, the Orion Syndicate and others that the Federation did not call allies.

Nouristao Kematsopoulos spent his time surrounded by the elements of different cultures, including what was known of the above. Drs. Woo and Kematsopoulos believed that cultural and linguistic immersion was necessary to understand a people. The young Nouristao learned many languages and often accompanied his parents on the digs. Many years were spent on Vulcan, where as a child, he met his future wife, T'Nar.

Intensely bored accompanying his parents around the galaxy on digs, he engaged actively in mischief and pranks until he discovered technical studies and Asian and Cretan martial arts, military history and tinkering with  equipment as a way to relieve the boredom.

His parents were disturbed by his choice of studies, in particular his fascination with military matters and sent packing him home to China to be raised in a more stable environment by his maternal grandparents. Their plans went awry. His grandparents could deny him nothing and indulged his mechanical and martial leanings heavily. His grandmother, Dr. Woo, a surgeon and physician, even enrolled him in the prestigious Wu Pei Technological and Science Academy. Unknown to his parents he continued and added to his studies a number of the martial arts (especially Chin Na, Hing Gar Ch'uan, Choy Lee Fut, and Ch'i Kung).

In his junior year in high school he excelled at the Daystrom Technological Institute High School Competition. His paper, "Techniques in Recalibrating Sensors Arrays for Nebular Anomalies and their Respective Modifications," won him first place and a scholarship to attend the Institute's coveted summer symposium for young scientists.

When he was sixteen, he went mountain climbing with some friends and others. The rope failed and he fell several hundred feet and received serious injuries. While he was not expected to live at first, he did and spent a long time convalescing and healing. His grandmother made sure he had the best care possible and used every ounce of her prestige to ensure it. An investigation was launched into what happened but the rope mysteriously disappeared. Dr. Woo has said nothing but has her own theories.

Nouristao Kematsopoulos was appointed to and entered Starfleet Academy in June of 2285 against his parents vehement protests that he not become part of the "Galactic War Machine". The parents had hoped that his time on Earth would distract him from his military and martial interests.

During his time at the Academy, he distinguished himself as an excellent student in engineering despite his strong theoretical mathematics background.  In his sophomore year at the Academy, Kematsopoulos' parents were assigned to their chance of a life time. He received a communication stating that they had been invited to participate in archaeological dig on an unidentified planet. They could not provide any details as the project was highly classified. It is not known if they ever completed the assignment.

In 2287, his parents and their team were first reported dead and then reported  captured by the Klingons. The Klingons claimed the archaeologists were looting and defiling sacred Klingon grounds. They are currently being held as political prisoners at an undisclosed location within the Klingon Empire. The Federation refuses to yield to the Klingons' conditions for a prisoner exchange. The Klingon High Council demands the release of all Klingon warriors captured from the Massacre of Narroon for the return of Dr. Woo and Dr. Kematsopoulos and survivors of their team.

Personality: The Captain is warm, friendly and very formal. Having grown up around many different cultures and on many different planets, he has an excellent base of understanding for sentient beings and enjoying diversity. He speaks several languages fluently and will lapse into a few when tired or ill. Federation Standard was one of his later languages that he learned as a child. His parents taught him Greek, Chinese, Vulcan, Orion, and Romulan before Federation Standard.

While the Captain is very skilled at diplomacy and prefers that to resolve situations, he will act swiftly and with force when needed.

Unknown to all onboard except the CMO who attended Starfleet Academy with him, he was quite a prankster when he was young. This got him into a lot of trouble.

Because of his eclectic upbringing, he is comfortable around many different cultures and in many different settings. He truly enjoys IDIC, infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos' Biographical Information: CO's Starfleet Personnel Record

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos' Stories and Information: CO's Quarters

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos' Quarters: Blue Prints

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos' Quarters: Furnishings

"In a democratic society, the stupid shall be punished. In an authoritarian regime it is the wise who are punished."

"Nothing is impossible-It just has not been tried yet."

Family Recipes:

Maternal Side: Wu family
Chinese Dumplings Click here

Paternal Side: Kematsopoulos family
Greek Shrimp in Wine Sauce:Garithes me Saltsa Click here
Egg Lemon Soup:Soupa Avlgolemona Click here
Egg Lemon Lamb Soup:Arnaki Soupa Avgolemono Click here

(Note: The Greek side of my character's family is much larger. Nouri's grandmother is trying to get him married off to the distant cousin to continue and strengthen and rebuild the line. He wants no part of this "arranged marriage". His family has some unusual abilities that are believed to come from the bloodline. As the story continues we will find out why this is so important to PauPau, why these abilities are present, and the secret PauPau is keeping about them.)

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