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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Setting: The Bridge
Location: USS Eagle

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos is on the bridge once again getting ready for the underway. The Tureth have finally returned and are settled into their new quarters.

He taps a button on the arm of the chair and opens the log recorder:


STARDATE 200102.26

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos here. We are departing Starbase Six after some new modifications to our sensor arrays and other systems. Perhaps the greatest alteration to our fine ship is that ::looks disgusted:: some plush quarters and ::coughs:: guests were added to our ship.

Our mission: To transport and to facilitate negotiations for peace among two hostile races, the Galadons and the Tureth.

We are to take them to their home worlds, negotiate a peace treaty, if possible, while keeping them and their people from killing each other.

At stake is peace in the sector, quadrant and possibly the whole galaxy. ((  You know the usual stuff .;o)   ))

Kematsopoulos out.



Many hours later, before the Captain leaves the bridge he makes a quick update:


STARDATE 200102.26

I am giving the conn to LCDR Asimov and retiring to my quarters before the reception. Kematsopoulos out.

Attachment: Engineering Report Stardate:200102.26

Attachment: Medical Report Stardate:200102.26

Addendum: Science Report Stardate:200103.10



The turbolift doors slid apart and LCDR Asimov strode onto the bridge as if on cue. The Captain turned in his chair to face the incoming watch officer. "Mr. Asimov, I am ready to be relieved," declared Captain Kematsopoulos as he began the process.

"Sir, I am ready to relieve you," came the crisp reply.

"We are on course to Galadon Twelve, warp factor 4. Our guests are comfortably situated in their quarters and all systems are operational," the CO relayed.

"Understood. I have no further questions, I relieve you, sir," said the new watch officer.

"I stand relieved. Notify me immediately if there are any problems associated with the reception." The captain surrendered his chair and moved confidently to the turbolift.

As the lift doors whooshed shut, Mr. Asimov reported, "Attention on the bridge, Mr. Asimov has the deck and the conn." The bridge crew responded in a rapid, but disciplined chorus:

"Helm, aye."

"Comms, aye."

"Navigation, aye."

"Science, aye."

With that done Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos headed to his quarters to eat, meditate and rest for as long as he could before the reception. He was still tired from his last run in with the Romulans and the mysterious double agent he met.

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