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RE: Ship's records and bomb detonation timing

Stardate: 200103.10


Careful inspection of ship's records shows that CPT Kematsopoulos and the Tureth Ambassador Toman were scheduled to be in the Ambassador's room at the time of detonation. It is likely that it was another assassination attempt on the Ambassador's life and by a different person or persons than those who poisoned him.

These records were made available to Starbase Six personnel, so it is possible that someone from the Starbase gave this information to the person who planted the bomb or that someone on the ship did.

Recommendations: Restrict access to schedules to a specific need to know basis. Assume the worst, that there is a spy or spies on board the Eagle and/or the Starbase. Take extra measures to protect the dying Ambassador in Sickbay. Continually check sweeps deck by deck for suspicious devices by Security and Engineering.

My Apologies. This report has been difficult for me. I am taking some leave now on the advice of Dr. Sanders for a private medical matter.

Very Respectfully,

Ensign Liliana Petrescu

Ensign Liliana Petrescu, ASCI, NPC

(Ensign Petrescu is Ensign Johnson's widow. No one onboard except her and Dr. Sanders knows that she is pregnant. She has not told anyone yet. Her husband was the AENG killed in the blast referred to above.)

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