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Medical Department: Report

Stardate: 200102.26

RE: Chemical analysis of pill discovered on third intruder


Your suspicions were correct. The pill contained a fast acting, lethal poison.

The active ingredient for poison in pill was not found in Starfleet toxicology data base. We have named it tricaynide, for now.It may be a derivative of a poison, magazaynide, that was believed to be used by members of the Orion Syndicate several years ago in a successful assassination.

The rest of the pill, the inert ingredients, are consistent with those used in suicide pills commonly employed by the Tal Shiar.

When ingested, the poison would kill its victim swiftly and be absorbed by the body. It be undetectable under most circumstances. All that would be obvious in an autopsy would be a few of the inert ingredients.

Unless we were specifically looking for this type of poison it would not be discovered after ingestion and absorption by the small intestine.

Conclusion: Whoever developed the poison is quite skilled and most likely highly familiar with the range of analyses used in the majority of post mortems. Based on the composition of the inert ingredients, the poison is easy to carry and conceal without risk to the bearer. As such, the poisoner need not employ any overt caution to handle the substance and would require little or no chemical knowledge.

Recommendations: Place the chemical profile into the transporter filters, internal sensors and all security personal tricorders. Scan all meals before consumption.

Very Respectfully,
Yeoman Jareth Sonders, NPC
Medical Technician

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