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CPT Kematsopoulos, CDR Tsiolokovsky & Yeoman Naomi Tsundra


Title: Decisions, Part Four
Setting: USS Eagle
Time:  Immediately after "Decisions, Part Three " ( )
Location: The Captain's Quarters

"Unkh," the man groaned.

"Who's there?" he asked, waking up again.

"Nouna Naomi ," the yeoman replied.

"When am I?" the younger man asked in Chinese, switching languages again.

"2293. You are on a Federation starship called the USS Eagle. It is an Oberth class vessel. Everyone here thinks you are the Captain, but you are not," she said with practiced haste as she had told him several times before.

He rambled some more, "Where's the Captain?"

"Yours or mine?'" she asked not sure who he meant.

He did not answer. The man had no idea what was going on.

Naomi answered for him, "Your Captain - I do not know or if you even had one. My Captain - I do not know where mine went. I need you to help me find him. You need to get well to do that."

He didn't catch most of what she said. Just that he needed to get well to help her with something. He began to drift off wondering what that meant.

"Do you remember what we were going to do?" she asked trying to make sure he knew what was going on each time he regained consciousness. He seemed to be forgetting each conversation and talking to him each time was like it never happened before.

He paused for a moment trying to concentrate. Then he was surprisingly lucid. "Yes, something dangerous," he replied.

"Yes, very dangerous. It's a procedure from back in ancient times in your family. It's used in situations like this. It could work and restore you. I need to begin it now before we are attacked again," she said.

"They want ar-" he started to say.

"No!" she cut him off. "Do not tell me. I do not want to know. Do not give me any information," she said almost wishing he'd go unconscious again. She didn't want to jeopardize any universes, multiverses or time lines, especially her own. She wasn't sure exactly what she was dealing with. She did know that the man in front of her was not the Captain Kematsopoulos she had known and that he was much younger than her Captain even though outwardly he looked the same except for one detail.

"Whatever was wanted in where you come from may or may not be wanted here," she explained. "I don't want to know enough about either of our places to harm either of them."

"Gone for good," he said to make up for his earlier near slip.

"Good," she said having no idea what he was talking about and liking it that way.

Just then the intercom beeped. +CENG here to see the CO,+ CDR Valentina Ivanova Tereshokvna Tsiolkovsky announced carefully, leaving all trace of emotion out of her voice.

Yeoman Tsundra ignored it and returned her attention the man. "Here. Drink this," she said.

"Will it taste bad?" he asked.

"Of course will, " she replied motherly wondering why he asked such an obvious question.

"PauPau's?" he asked.

"Yes. Of course," she said.

"Figures," he said wondering why he asked such an obvious question. His grandmother's herbal remedies always tasted bad.

Naomi scooped up the feverish man into a sitting position with one small and petite but strong arm. She moved him gently up to take a sip.  Nouri grimaced at the bitter alkaloid taste. She grimaced at his near dead weight and the amount of heat he was giving off. If she was going to have any chance with this procedure from his grandmother he was going to give in to the sedative.

"Sleep now," she ordered, gently laying him down.

Meanwhile the ever impatient Chief Engineer was getting more so by the second. She was told the Captain was definitely sent to his quarters to die and that Yeoman Tsundra was enacting his living will. It didn't take a Vulcan to do the logic that he was certainly there and the Yeoman was there with him. Something was definitely odd to anyone close to the CO besides this last second will changing.

The CENG checked the time. It was more than enough time to respond and made her even more worried. Val tried something she learned from the Captain to do in situations like this when nothing was all you had. She knew trying to override the controls wouldn't win her any favors with the woman who got herself made Executrix and had the legal rights to exclude visitors if she wanted to do so. What Val didn't know was that her override had been overridden. She would not have gotten into the quarters easily had she forced the issue.

+CENG, here. Sorry to bother you both, but there is some equipment I need in there among his gifts and borrowed items that may have been contaminated with the parasites,+ she said.

Yeoman Tsundra hesitated. She did not want to let Val in, but was reluctant to state so and didn't want to alert the CENG that she had passcodes that overrode hers. She knew it was only matter of time for the smart, young CENG to figure out how to bypass them so she decided to let her in for a quick visit. It was best to save this secret for later, if possible and not alert anyone to it. Tsundra checked her tiny hidden phaser and changed the setting from off to stun. She wasn't going to take any chances or let anyone stop her.

+Yeoman Tsundra here, + she said professionally and neutrally.  +What do you need?+

+I need to speak with the Captain and take the equipment,+ the CENG replied.

+Very well,+ Yeoman Tsundra said. +He is conscious now. I'll come over and let you in,+ she said.

If the CENG were not so upset over the Captain's condition, she would have blown up at the Yeoman.

The Yeoman, checked in on the man first before going to the door. She whispered conspiratorially, "Nouri, I need you to pretend to be the Captain. The Captain of the USS Eagle. The CENG is here. She needs to talk with you. Don't answer and act asleep if you don't know what to say or ramble on deliberately about something unrelated. Her name is Valentina Tsiolkovsky. I believe you know her counterpart."

The man was confused. So much didn't make sense to him since he arrived. He just mumbled, "I'll try." Naomi gave him a reassuring pat and went to the door.

CDR Tsiolkovsky entered. "Thank you," she said looking visibly shaken. "I heard that he is worse and came back here to d..." she stopped midsentence and looked like she would start to cry again.

The Yeoman smiled bleakly. "Yes, that is correct. You are fortunate he is conscious now. I don't know for how long. You may go see him."

Val thanked her and watched the Yeoman oddly. ~There's a lot going on here not said,~ she thought.

The two women entered the bedroom part of the Captain's quarters.

"Who's there?" Nouri asked weakly.

"Nouna? Are you back?" he asked.

"Yes and Valentina has come to see you and then maybe take some equipment," she replied now having figured it out it was likely that a ruse.

"Good," he smiled and became more drowsy.

~Perhaps the tea is finally working?~ Naomi thought.

"Nouna? You're his Crrres-sna??" the CENG stammered in disbelief.

"Yes," Yeoman Tsundra replied.

"That explains a lot then," Valentina said not telling her about  the other thoughts she was entertaining about her which were certainly not very nice.

"Yes, it does. Now, make your peace and go. I will take care of him. You must believe that now. You don't have much time," she said both motherly and hurriedly.

Val went in and talked to the man she thought was the CO.

Yeoman Tsundra went out to receive the page for the CENG she just heard over the intercom. There was no sense of taking the call in the Captain's bedroom. She was going to buy the CENG some time, but not too much. She did want her gone as quickly as possible.

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