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Title: Decisions, Part Three
Setting: USS Eagle
Time:  Immediately after "Decisions, Part Two"((
Location: Sickbay

The Chief Engineer, CDR Valentina Tsiolkovsky, heads straight into Sickbay and proceeds to the biobed where the Captain was the last time she came. She doesn't know that the CO has been moved to his quarters. She stops suddenly, seeing signs of the firefight in Sickbay and then continues.

"Something we can do for you, Commander?" Dr. Kamran Isa asks.

She turns the corner. Seeing the Captain's bed, charred, she gasps. She just stares at the burnt out shell of what used to be a biobed and looks at Dr. Isa horrified. She was rarely at a loss for words, but the thought that the Captain had been killed this way left her speechless.

"The Captain was discharged some time ago, Commander," the good doctor updates her.

Valentina exhales in relief.

"Is there something wrong, Commander? You don't seem to look well," he asks.

She replies, "Uh, vhat khappened? Vhere is the CO?"

"Drs. S'Tronn and Sullivan permitted him to go to his quarters, Commander. I was informed that Yeoman Tsundra escorted him there," he explains.

"That's great news. I am so glad khee is better. Vhen is khee expected back to duty? she asks.

"Last I heard he is not expected back on duty any time soon. A living will is being enacted," Dr. Isa explains.

Her face drops. "I don't understand. Vhill? " she asks.

Dr. Isa nodded. "I'm afraid his condition is not good at all," he says.

The CENG, who had been over doing it for nearly a month, felt weak. "Vhorse?" she asks.

Dr. Isa nods again, "I'm afraid so."

She is still confused. "Then why isn't he here?" her eyes left the doctor's for a moment searching and then finding something to lean on.

"Yeoman Tsundra requested he be taken to his quarters," he explains.

"Tsundra?? She khass been spending much time with CO since the accident and the vhormhole," she thought aloud.

Dr. Isa continues, "Well she made this request in the capacity of the Executrix of his will."

"This is not making any sense," she says, wearied by the strain of command and the news the man she loved was beyond medical treatment.

"Commander ... she has the power, legally, to do so, even though he is alive, because his condition had deteriorated to the point we could not get any coherent answer from him. In the event of such incapacitation the Executrix of the will can invoke power of attorney," he explains further.

Val becomes more visibly upset as it finally sinks in what has happened. The Captain wasn't better. He was taken back to his quarters to die.  "Khow long does khee khaff??" she asks.

"It could only be a short matter of time, from the reports I've seen. I'm sorry Commander," he says.

The CENG rises and tries to sound professional. "Kheep me updated. Use my khomunicator frequency if you need to," she orders.

"I shall," he replies.

"I vhill go see khim, now," she declares.

"It would probably do him good," Dr. Isa concurs.

"Thank you," she says as she turns to leave. She leaves quickly to try and compose herself in the passageway and make it to see the Captain before it is too late.

"Is she OK? I mean Commander Tsiolkovsky," the nurse asks Dr. Isa.

"I hope so. If not we'll have to prepare another biobed here," he answers.

"I don't know what's worse, physical sickness or lovesickness," she says.

Dr. Isa blinks. "Come again?" he asks.

"You didn't notice? I heard that conversation and there were all the earmarks of one gigantic schoolgirl crush on a ship's Captain," she says.

"Oh, so that's it huh? No wonder she was asking all those questions," he says.

"Trust me, Doctor, it takes a woman to tell these things," she confides.

"I wouldn't have known .." he replies.

"I rest my case!" she says grinning.


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