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CPT Kematsopoulos, CDR Tsiolokovsky, LCDR Unstoffe,  & Yeoman Naomi Tsundra


Joint Log by Nouri and Unstoffe

Title: Decisions, Part Five
Setting: USS Eagle
Time:  Immediately after "Decisions, Part  Four " (
Location: The Captain's Quarters

+Bridge to all stations. Acting Captain Tsiolkovsky, contact the bridge,+ LCDR Unstoffe's voice boomed over all the intercoms on the ship.

Yeoman Tsundra heard the message for CENG and went to the other room to reply. +Yeoman Tsundra here for CENG,+ she said.

+Yeoman, I need to update CDR Tsiolkovsky on several important developments,+ LCDR Unstoffe said. He was surprised to hear Tsundra's voice. It was unlike the CENG to not respond directly.

+Understood. Any immediate action items?+ she asked.

+No, not immediate, but at least one item requires a decision in the very short term. All the items are ones she wishes to be kept informed on. How long will she be?+ he asked. ~Why is  Tsundra running interference like this?~ he wondered.

+She's speaking with the Captain. Shall I let them finish?+ Yeoman Tsundra asked.

LCDR Unstoffe was surprised. ~So that's it!~ He flicked the intercom back on. +The Kaptein is conscious?+ he asked.

+Yes, I don't think it will last long,+ she explained. ~Mostly because I gave him enough sedatives to knock out a horse,~ she thought to herself.

+Okay. Let them finish, but inform her to contact the bridge as soon as possible,+ he said.

+Yes, sir. Will do,+ the Yeoman replied.

+Very well,+ CSEC said turning off the intercom.

The Yeoman turned hers off also. ~Phew! Now I better check in on them and shoo Valentina out before we get more company that I don't want. Especially anyone from medical...~ she thought.

Yeoman Tsundra returned to the man's bedside. She looked carefully at Nouri and Val. Valentina was worn, but looked better. Nouristao was asleep again.

CENG got up from kneeling near the bed and let go of the man's hand. "Thank you very much," she said gratefully.

"You are most welcome," Naomi said graciously. "Now, he needs some rest and you should talk to LCDR Unstoffe. He says there is much he needs to update you on," she explained.

"Yes," the CENG said.

"Don't forget whatever you came for," Yeoman Tsundra said as she kept her face straight. ~It wouldn't do for CENG to use the same excuse to return quickly,~ she thought.

"Um, yes, thank you," the Acting Captain said going into the next room where Hanson had heaped most of the gadgets and equipment. She looked briefly, took something and thanked Tsundra again.

"Here," Naomi said giving Valentina an information disk. "This was to go to you in case something ever happened to both the CO and the XO," she explained. "Please look at it later with CSEC as the Captain would have wanted you to do," she explained.

Val took the disk and wondered what was on it. "Thank you," she said putting it carefully in her pocket and left.

Yeoman Tsundra secured the CO's quarters again. She removed the phaser that she had concealed and readied in case she needed it when the CENG came and changed the setting from stun to off. After that, she checked in on Nouri and waited two minutes to make sure the CENG did not return.

Then reluctantly, having no other choice, she began the weird and alien ritual from deep in the darkest past of the Wu family.  


Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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