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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Title: The Man, Part One

A man awoke in the darkness.

He did not know where and when he was.

He sniffed the air. He was in an infirmary or hospital of some sort.

He listened carefully for clues and tried to feel anything distinctive about his environment.

~So this is a Sickbay,~ he thought as a familiar vibration told him he was on a starship.

~Which ship and headed where?~ he wondered.

"Ooof -When am I?" he said out loud, without thinking as he tried to get up.

~I must be a patient here,~ he guessed as the first stabs of a painful headache reached his waking mind.

A woman's voice came out of the void. It was small but strong and tinged with concern. "Please lie back down, sir," it said.

Then he felt himself gently pushed back down. From the small hand and arm that did it, he didn't doubt he could remain seated if he chose to but he thought perhaps from how he felt, the voice was right. He tried unsuccessfully to focus and look around to figure out where and when he was and lay back down.

"How long has the power been out?" the man asked, starring up at blackness where the ceiling should be.

"I'm not sure, sir. Please relax," she said.

Zhrummm-Zhrum. Klickt. Vree-ee. He heard the sounds indicating that the back up generators had activated. The man waited for the lights to come back on but they did not.

~There must have been some trouble with the ship,~ he thought as he wondered what happened. ~There shouldn't have been a gap in time without the generators kicking on and when they had done so, emergency lighting should have turned on immediately. ~

The man decided he'd better try again to get up. If something had happened to the ship, he could help. He wasn't quite sure how but he knew he had been an engineer. Different schematics of all sorts of ships and propulsion systems of different times flooded his mind. He blinked trying to sort them out and concentrate.

"Just relax, sir," the four foot tall Moeban doctor said. Although she tried not to read minds and wasn't very good at it without practice, she could not help picking up some of his different conflicting images and emotions.

This time the man didn't want to lay down and tried harder to get up. His head had other ideas, however, and filled what little capacity he had left for reason with stabbing pain."Aiyee," he muttered under his breath, grabbing his head. He took a deep breath and tried gingerly to get in a sitting position from another angle, one hopefully more favorable to his head and thinking.

The CMO prepared the painkillers."This is for the pain. It should help," she said as she administered the hypospray.  

~Why can't patients be good patients and just stay down?~ she thought as she gently tried to push the CO back down.

"Thank you," the man said but this time he offered some resistance. He was going to get up and stay up this time. He hoped that whatever the doctor had given him would get rid of his headache and help him think straight. Then he'd figure out where he was, what was going on and who he was supposed to be. Either that or he'd get the lights back on so he could see where and when he was and sort it out that way.

"Let me fix the lights. Something must be wrong in here since I heard the generators go on and the lights should have come back on automatically and they did not," he explained. ~Surely she will let me get up now and off this bed,~he thought.

The CMO paused. It was her turn to be confused but only for a split second and she let him sit up. "The lights?" she repeated.

Dr. Laleilalii quickly got out her light pen and held it up to CO's eyes."Follow the light with your eyes,  please?" she asked.

The man felt the air change and something come at his face. He jumped a bit back. "Whoah doc! Don't you think you should wait to treat me until after the lights go back on?" the man knew he was very confused  but no so much to let some doctor tamper with him in the dark.

"Sir, can you see the light that I am shining directly in your eye?" she asked trying not to sound worried. His left pupil was non responsive to the light.

The man paused trying to figure out this additional puzzle.

"..No..."  he replied slowly as something new began to sink in.

The doctor tried again with the other eye.

The man felt whatever the object was in front of him move again but this time he did not try to get out of the way.

The CMO watched the results carefully. Both pupils were non responsive to light.

"Captain, I think you may be blind," Dr. Laleilalii said gently.

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