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Captain Kematsopoulos, CO  & LCDR Laleilalii, CMO


Title: The Man, Part Two
Stardate: 2000601.07
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

The man in sickbay had a head injury and was having trouble thinking. The blackness around him only added to the confusion.

The CMO examined her patient further.

"Captain, I think you may be blind," Dr. Laleilalii said gently.

"Blind..Captain?" the man repeated back oddly.

The man tugged on his collar and felt it. Nothing was there.Then he looked for the sleeves and did the same. No clue was there either. It seemed liked some kind of pajamas without markings.

"Where's my uniform?" he asked, hoping it was not what he was wearing.

"You're in Sickbay, sir," she said.

"I know this is Sickbay, " he said a bit irritated. That was one of the few things he was sure of. He knew the smells were unmistakable although he wasn't quiet sure how he knew this.

"What is the last thing that you remember?" she asked worriedly. The Captain wasn't acting like himself at all.

He paused trying hard to remember but another stab from headache, kept him from remembering anything clearly were it possible. He grabbed his head again.

"Getting on the ship. Some danger on the ship..." he said uncertainly.

"Ship? Out of danger?" he asked very confused but his tone was hopeful. The man remembered some kind of danger but wasn't sure what it was or if it was over or even if it was about to occur. If so, he wondered how long he had to prepare for it. His mind flooded hers again with a jumbled tangle of images.

"Yes, sir. You got us through it safely. You're recovering from surgery right now. It's not uncommon to have some disorientation right after it," she said, making it sound reassuring even though she felt otherwise. The doctor had noticed that the Captain was having trouble remembering and that many of the images she was seeing from him made no sense. ~Something else is going on here but what?~ she wondered.

"What happened?" he asked trying to sort it all out.

"You were brought in here with injuries from cargo shifting and falling on you," she explained.

(While the USS Eagle was trapped in the anomaly, the crew brought back many things from there and stored them in the cargo bay. The Captain went to check on them after the Eagle exited the anomaly when the accident happened. It is still under investigation but it looked like the cargo was not properly secured, then shifted during escaping the wormhole.)

"Was anyone else hurt?" he asked.

"Petty Officer McLafferty, she broke an arm. Nothing serious. Your injuries were much worse," the CMO informed him.

The pain medicine began working and the man's headache began to abate. "Thank you. It's working. I feel better. What else?" he said, also sensing there was something more to the situation as some of his reasoning ablities returned.

"You had a serious head injury. We had to do surgery,"she explained.

He paused. That wasn't it. ~What other piece to this am I missing?~ he wondered.

The doctor rubbed her head. It had been a long shift. "You seem confused, Captain. Would you like some more pain medication? Or would you rather not and clear your mind a bit?" she asked,

"I'd rather tackle this head on and with a clear one - thank you very much," he said.

The doctor sighed in relief. Her Captain's situation was not good but his approach to a problem and the humor sounded like the man she knew. Although she had only been onboard the USS Eagle a relatively short time compared to others, she and the CO had been through a lot together. During this time, she began to know some aspects of his personality very well. The Captain wasn't the sort to back away from a challenge of any sort or delay work. He'd jump right in unless the matter required a lot of planning to succeed.

The man on his side of things was starting to get some clues to some questions he needed answered but felt somehow it would be bad to ask directly. He wasn't sure how he knew that either but felt it very strongly. The more he thought about it, the more he was certain it would be be a big mistake to ask them.

He decided that he'd need to find other ways to answer his questions. ~Getting access and the privacy to use a computer would be too hard right now but it would be the best way. What else can I use to tell me part of what I need to know?~ he thought for a while.

Then it dawned on him. He realized that several of these questions he needed answered could be done by simply having his uniform.

~But how am I going to get her to let me have my uniform?~ he wondered.

(( I couldn't resist the lines from Spock above ;o) It's one of my favorite movie lines. ))

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