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Title: Eye of Evil, Part Seven
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

Ensign Valderkev jerks to one side midway through the guard's sneeze and avoids a direct hit by the mistakenly loosed phaser blast.  He looks at his shoulder to see his uniform has been scorched by the near miss which impacted the bulkhead behind him.

"Gentlemen!" the Captain yells to gain control of the situation.  Tempers are flaring and the security guard's mistake is inexcusable.  He sears Ensign Chi with a look that relays volumes of displeasure.

"Uh, sorry, sir. Won't happen again, Captain," Ensign Chi apologizes, sheepishly, wiping his nose on sleeve.  

Returning his attention to the matter at hand, Captain Kematsopoulos sternly addresses Alexi, "Consider that a warning shot Mr. Valderkev. Get your emotions under check. This is a high stress time for all of us; getting hostile and emotional is not going to solve anything except make you look like one of the crew who has been taken over by the aliens and get you thrown into the brig."

The Captain motions to new guards, "LT Kruh Stee, replace Ensign Chi and escort Mr. Valderkev to our new Sickbay. Make sure he is examined first to see if he is thinking and acting on his own and after that, that he gets the injection and treatment."

"Ensign Chi, please accompany them down to the new Sickbay and get yourself looked at. You may be having some allergic reaction to the injection," he orders.

"Aye, sir," replies Ensign Chi.

The Captain turned his attention to the new ensign, "Mr. Valderkev, do you know where you were taken?"

Alexi Valderkev clutches his shoulder, and glares at Ensign Chi. "Da, I vas on Deck Four," he says through gritted teeth.

The Captain nods.

"Keptein, as I said, I left the crewmen there, unconscious.  A few vere rather roughed up," the Ensign adds.

The Captain nodded again, this time to CSEC.

"Aye sir," LCDR Unstoffe says as he orders a security party to deck 4.

The Captain looks back to Ensign Valderkev. "We'll check that out. You are off to the new Sickbay. Anything else?" he asks.

"Da, I have my report and part request list, sir. If I may . . .," he pauses with his hand over his jacket awaiting permission to proceed.

"Proceed slowly. Leave it on the deck," the Captain orders.

Although the Captain believed Ensign Valderkev's story, he wasn't going to take any chances he didn't need to or to give the young man a chance to swing at anyone else or the guards to shoot him. He had also gotten a list hours ago from Main Engineering.

Alexi Valderkev slowly produces the padds and places them besides him on the deck.

"Thank you. On your way," the Captain says stiffly.

To guards, the Captain said firmly, "You know your orders men. Execute them."

The guards in unison reply, "Aye sir!"

And with that they whisk him off the bridge to the make shift Sickbay.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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