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Title: Eye of Evil, Part Six
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

"But, as I tried to put them into the room to confine them, more arrived, and one had a phaser. After more melee combat, I managed to get the phaser avay, but not before he managed to shoot the yeoman at close range. After dealing vith them, I dragged her through the Jefferies tubes until I came across a security guard, who took us to a science lab vhere I left her in the care of the doctor. Then I came here, and fell out onto the deck."

"Yeoman?" the Captain asks, perplexed. This part did not make sense. Why was there a yeoman in the room and who?

"Da, Yeoman Miranda . . . Vhat vas her name?" Ensign Valderkev replies, out of breath. He pauses to inhale and looks down at his stained jacket. "I never noticed until now that it vas peach. I thought she vas human."

"We do not have a yeoman by the first or last name of Miranda," the Captain replies wondering what this means; he too stares at the peach colored blood and considers it relationship if any to what has been said.

"Vell, that's vhat she told me!  Call the doktor, she can werify my story. At least the part vhere I brought her in and send a security team to deck four. They should find a room full of crewmen. I think they vill need medical attention as vell. Realizing he is giving orders again, he stammers, "I mean . . . if you think that vould be prudent."  He mentally scolds himself in Russian ~Way to go, just give orders to your captain!~

CO raises his eyebrow at the order and shakes his head like a parent with a problem child. In spite of the emotional outburst and lack of protocol, he does begin to believe the Ensign. ~But something is still wrong here~ the Captain thinks. Some things still don't add up.

The CO continues his line of questioning, "How long were you with the Zhenarite?"

"Zhenarite? Vhat is that?" Ensign Valderkev says clearly not knowing.

"Zhenarites are a race that has peach colored blood," the Captain explains.

"I vas vith her for a vhile . . . She was rather annoying though.  Asked a lot of questions," the AENG replies.

The CO, his dark eyes intent, begins to home in on a target. "What type of questions?" he asks trying to test a theory and possibly buying Alexi's story.

"Mostly vhat I vas doing vhile I vas trying to open the door. And when I casually mentioned parts of the ship and engineering techniques and such.  I thought it vas a little odd that she was so clueless, so I started to suspect she vas one of them."

The CO shuts his eyes in pain. It was unclear to the crew whether it was from the pain he was personally experiencing or the pain of the realization of what had occurred. "Did she . . ." he paused, "Did she see you work on overriding the codes to get the door open?"

"I kept my answers rather vague, sir just like they taught me at the Acad-" he suddenly stops, "I don't believe so, but she vas asking me how I vas doing it I just told her it vas rather technical."

The CO opened his eyes. "Do you think she saw you?" he asks pointedly.

"I don't believe so . . . She seemed rather scared and stayed in the corner.  She handed me a few tools though."

The Captain turns to his Chief Security Officer, "Mr. Unstoffe?"

"I am on it sir! " the lieutenant commander replies tapping away at the console.  He and the bridge crew now knew Captain's pain was from the realization of who the crew member was and her extraordinary talents and likelihood to be controlled by aliens.

"Vhat is wrong, sir? " Ensign Valderkev asks concerned that he may have messed up.

CO at this point believes the Ensign's story entirely, but will still have it confirmed later. "Zhenarite's are strong telepaths," he begins to explain the dilemma.

"Do you think she is responsible for the crew's possession?" the Ensign asks.

The Captain continues, "LTjg Mirandalese Ghenvarae is our brilliant young astrophysicist and has a photographic memory."

The itch that Ensign Chi feels is stinging again and his hand convulses on the phaser.

Ensign Valderkev, angry again, turns to the guard, "Vill you please stand down!"

"Ensign Valderkev, you stand down. You are off to our new sickbay," the CO orders not finishing his earlier sentence. He was not going to tolerate anymore unruly outbursts on his bridge.

~Val will have some fun with this one~ he thinks as the extra security personnel arrive on the bridge. The CO won't address this issue directly now and will leave it for Valderkev's department head to set the new Ensign straight on how to behave and act as a member of the crew and Starfleet as he had once done before with Val.

"Gentlemen, please escort Ensign Valderkev to the new Sickbay," the CO orders looking at the guards. It was time to clear the bridge before any more emotions flared and so the bridge crew could get back to work. It was important to have no distractions while the away team went out into the unknown to look for parts and supplies.

"Lieutenant?  She told me she vas a Yeoman," the Ensign remarks out loud.

"I go-otta sn-eeze!" LTjg Chi snuffles harder but there is no holding it in. A final sneeze bursts out. Trying to remain still the guard squeezes the phaser tightly and off flies a shot.

((That's of course when the sim ended ;o) ))

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