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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek


Title: Eye of Evil, Part Five
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

The USS Eagle is at red alert, dead in space, damaged severely by the worm hole. Many are still controlled by the aliens. Armed security patrols the passageways looking for trouble and assessing threats. Two armed security guards are posted on the bridge, ready for anything . . . or anyone . . . to attack.

One of the problems the Eagle faces has a temporary solution: An injection has been devised to help the crew fight off the aliens that invade their minds and take over their bodies to do their bidding. The CMO finishes injecting the bridge crew (except for Ensign Petrescu) and leaves.

Captain Kematsopoulos resumes reading reports and data. He shifts his attention back to the derelict called the JMC Red Dwarf, a large mining ship and its fragments. Out of all the twisted mangled derelicts nearest the Eagle, this one provides the greatest likelihood to find supplies and parts.  He studies carefully the three large sections of the mining ship that remain mostly intact and checks the progress of the shuttle that is to rendezvous with it.

The Captain taps the controls on the arm of his chair and checked the data streaming in from the probe sent to investigate the midsection when suddenly he hears a noise over head.

CARUNKKATHUNKATHUNK! A man wearing an ensign uniform, covered in three types of blood, one of which looks human, and plenty of dirt, drops out from the ventilation system above and hits the deck with a loud thud.

The two armed security guards spin around instantly, phasers flying up to the ready. (Great lines, once again Myth)

The Captain looks up at the noise then down at the human looking being who had dropped down and the guards.

The man wearing the ensign uniform looks up to a face full of phasers, and raises his hands quickly. "Don't shoot!" he says.

"FREEZE!" yells one of the guards, his finger stuttering over the trigger mechanism.

"I am!" the man replies, his voice slightly quavering.

"Shall we take him to the brig, captain?"  Ensign Chi asks.

The Captain nods and thinks to himself, ~This is going to be a long day.~

"Keptein ...  I bring news," the intruder says glancing back over to the guards.

"A comm call would have sufficed," CO answers wryly but in spite of the humor he displays, does not believe the man.

Ensign Chi twitches unexpectedly, suddenly feeling very itchy and uncomfortable knowing that now was not a good time to blink or scratch.

"I brought you the report and list of parts you asked me to bring," the man covered in three types of blood tries to explains.

The CO raises eyebrow at the unlikelihood of this story. "That's very nice. Again, a comm call could do the trick. Let's let the docs check you out," he orders half bemused.

"I just came from there," the man sighs exasperatedly.

"Achooo!" sneezes Ensign Chi, as a whopper sneeze rips out of his nose, almost doubling the him over and causing the phaser to wobble dangerously.

The man wearing the Ensign uniform tries to lean away from the muzzle of the phaser. "Vatch vhere you point that!" he yells.

Ensign Chi sniffles while trying to speak.  "Don't mobe!"

His partner glances at him and whispers, "Don't let the Chief catch you doing that."

LTjg Chi snuffs again and straightens to a professional glower, "I go' a cold!"

The intruder gets agitated and angrily tells the other guard, "Then tell your friend to steady his veapon!"

The Captain takes all of this in. The emotions of the young man, his reactions and his cuts and bruises and weighs this carefully. "You need medical attention. These guards will help you get some," the CO says trying once again to redirect the suspicious young man gently but firmly to SB2.

"I also came to report vhat I've seen. Something is not right vith the crew, sir."  He turns to the guards and scoffs, "For all I know you're vone of them."

"Calm down Ensign," the CO orders." It takes two to fight and one to make peace as the ancient Vulcan saying goes... The guards are doing their jobs," he instructs in case the man is telling the truth. Every emotional response the Ensign does makes him look more guilty except the last two.  The Captain takes in the possibility that Ensign Valderkev is not possessed since he had no knowledge of the aliens or at least claimed this.

"Ensign, control yourself. You do need medical attention and it's time to go," he orders and pauses.

"I apologize," the man wearing the Ensign uniform says exhaling heavily.  "I'm fine, sir, I've been through vorse ... This is more important!" he says. His voice is almost pleading.

The Captain replies to update the Ensign as if he really did not know about the aliens and to play along for the moment to see what he could get out of him if he was possessed.  "The Eagle is under attack. Alien beings are using the crew by controlling their actions and thoughts." The Captain says setting up a line of questioning trying to get to the truth of the matter.  He wants to know if the young man is speaking truth of his own free will or here to sabotage and take over the ship at the control of the aliens.

"That's vhat I was starting to suspect . . . Vhy do you think I look like this?"

~ There are many obvious reasons why you can look like that and under the control of the aliens. Perhaps you've been abducting the crew and are one of their best agents they are using to take over?~ the CO thinks but says nothing and lets Ensign Valderkev continue.

LCDR Unstoffe thinking the same thing, taps a message to send up more security and a doctor to the bridge. A Doctor could not only treat the injuries but determine if the AENG was under alien control or not.

"I have survived a fire fight in engineering, the wery one that injured the Chief, then had to battle my vay to get here.  The crew's eyes ... There was something not right in them.  It vas as if they vere staring through me the whole time."

"You have peach, red and green colored blood on you. What happened?" Captain Kematsopoulos questions the young man.  The Captain asks this having formulated some theories on what could have happened and trying to get some answers.

"I vas accosted along the vay by a Wulcan and thrown into a supply room.  There I met a voman.  Ve escaped the room and I managed to neutralize the guards," he replies starting to talk faster as his adrenaline pumps just recalling it.

CO sat back gauging the veracity, if any, to the new Ensign's words and lets him continue. He need do nothing else. The guards could react fast enough.

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