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Title: More Questions Than Answers: Room Service, Part Eleven

Stardate: 200103.10

Location: USS Eagle

Setting: Hallway, Outside the Reception Room

Captain Kematsopoulos returned quickly to the reception room. Instead of a formal diplomatic function, he saw what looked more like a bar room brawl in an old spaghetti western film from the Americas.

Before he could take the scene all in, he heard something vaguely familiar- a faint whooshing noise.

The Captain's left hand instantly reached up from his side, reacting automatically without him ever consciously recognizing what the noise was.

When Nouri was done, he stared at what his left hand had caught. A knife was firmly grasped between his left thumb and index finger. The knife had a second ago been speeding on an intercept course with his heart.

The group of brawlers nearest the door stopped momentarily and gasped at what they had just witnessed. The Captain took full advantage of the attention he had just captured and projected in his most commanding and imperious voice, "OK! Everybody clear out and go to your quarters. That's it! The reception is ended."

The crew knew their Captain was most serious. His expression was the closest to anger they had ever witnessed. Even the Galadonese and Tureth, although only acquainted with the man for a few short days, recognized the severity of the change and felt compelled by it. Reluctantly they ceased their fighting and slowly filed past the Captain out the door.

Captain Kematsopoulos noticed some of the Eagle's crew trying to take advantage of the movement to make their own surreptitious exit. He added for effect, "Eagle crew remain behind. You all have a lot of explaining to do and reports to write.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Room Service, Part Twelve

Stardate: 200103.10

Location: USS Eagle

Setting: Reception Room

As the various beings moved about as directed, the Captain scanned the dessert table looking for the plate he had left behind earlier. The creme brulle and the tiramisu were both casualties of the fricas, but Nouri hoped to salvage the small servings he had taken before Mr. Schuler had interrupted. He had set it on a disused table near the door, next to a blue glass. Somehow the table had remained standing, but there was no plate.

"Hmm thought Iput it over there," he mused.

He was interrupted by Mr. Schuler who reported that the crew was assembled and awaiting his instructions. He turned and was about to start his speech when he noticed Ambassador Garne. The Ambassador was slow to leave the room, and looked rather pale. The Captain stopped his speech and said, "One moment. . . "

He turned away from the crew and strode across the room to the Ambassador. "Ambassador?" he asked, his voice filled with concern. As if in answer, the Ambassador fell to the deck and cringed in agony.

Dropping to one knee beside the fallen Galadonese, Nouri turned his head back to the assembled crew. "Dr. Jatz! Get the Ambassador to sickbay. Mr. Ghant, Mr. Berun and Mr. Trent assist the doctor."

The Captain watched as Ambassador Garne was rushed off to sickbay.

Getting up and starting back to address his crew, he noticed his dessert plate at the end of the buffet table. Picking it up, he used the fork as a prop, pointing at the long line of waiters, protocol officers, security officers and others who had been press ganged into this affair. "Okay everyone, let's have it. What happened?"

As he listened to the cacophony of responses, Nouri calmly ate the remaining portions of his dessert. Suddenly, Ensign Petrescu broke ranks and vomited into a nearby punchbowl. For a few seconds, she felt better and moved to retake her position in line. As her second step hit the deck, she doubled over with severe abdominal pain.

Concerned, the Captain rushed over and asked, "Lilly? What's wrong?"


Title: More Questions Than Answers: Room Service, Part Thirteen

Stardate: 200103.10

Location: USS Eagle

Setting: Reception Room

Ensign Petrescu doubled over and answered the CO in her native Romanian, "Ma-i greatsa... Ma dor stomacul. (I am nauseous. My stomach hurts.)"

An AMO quickly rushed over to examine and treat her. She passed out and went into shock. In no time, the doctor and others carried her to sickbay.

CDR Bond, the Chief Security Officer, was busy at work. He scanned the food at the reception, starting with what Lilly was last eating - the creme brulle. He found an answer - food poisoning.

"Captain, the creme brulle has food poisoning." He continued scanned and found that the food poisoning was not a result of crew negligence, but had been carefully planted.

The Chief of Security also found another poison, one tailored for a human of both Asian and Mediterranean descent. This was only found on one plate - the Captain's plate.

"Captain! Stop eating! Your food has been poisoned specifically for someone of your genetic make up. I believe that this is the second attempt you life! The bomb that killed Ensign Johnson may have been for you and not Ambassador Toman."

Captain Kematsopoulos was shocked, why would he be a target of an assassination attempt? There was nothing special he could think of why he would be. His XO and others were perfectly capable of running the ship while the Federation negotiations continued. What made him so important?

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Did you notice that poisoned creme brulle was used to try and assasinate someone? We ran this idea for a game, long before Ann Coulter made her infamous statement.

Check out this link to read our commentary on it -- Ann Coulter and Her Poisoned Creme Brulle (Creme Brule): Dessert, as a Means of Assasination, Hypocrisy and Plagarism (Plagiarism) -- Please come back here after you read that to get the next link to finish our story!