The USS Eagle, A Star Trek Sim / RPG


Title: CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE: 2000103.21
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: A Room near the Reception Room

Captain Kematsopoulos opens the duty log...


STARDATE 200103.21

Commander Nouristao Kematsopoulos here, as Acting Captain. The USS Eagle is

Rear Admiral Flayton has contacted me regarding the mission. He has informed me that a highly skilled assassin by the code name of Aggripina is onboard. Aggripina is very skilled at poisons. Security and Medical have been notified. Everything will be watched even more closely than it is. Aggripina is believed to work for the Orion Syndicate, but has had many "employers", including the Romulans and a renegade group of Klingons ..."

Captain Kematsopoulos was interrupted. LT Schuler, who had monitored the conversation with Admiral Flayton and knew it was over, burst in.

"Sir! We have reports of fighting breaking out at the reception."

The Captain shook his head and ordered, "Summon additional security, ASAP."

"Come, Mr. Schuler, our guests apparently need some tucking in before bedtime," he finished.

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