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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Title: CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 200103.22
Setting: Captain's Quarters
Location: USS Eagle

Captain Kematsopoulos was in his quarters wrapping up the last work for the day. He opened the ship's recorder.


STARDATE 200103.22

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos here. Someone deliberately food poisoned the reception. It was not a type that would kill anyone - with two exceptions, Ambassador Garne who had a preexisting condition that increased his vulnerability and Ensign Petrescu who consumed enormous quantities of the creme brulle. They both will be fine now. Fortunately, the quick actions of our doctors saved them.

Another poison was also present, one the CSEC believes was intended for me. I still cannot figure out why I'd be singled out for that sort of attention. CDR Cline is more than capable of running the Eagle without me. My death would not disrupt negotiations to the point where they'd be canceled or rescheduled. I continue to look for answers and a link.

Medical and Security are to finish their preliminary reports on the reception and related incidents. They are to have them available to me at 10:00 tomorrow. We want to know who sabotaged the reception and why. Is it possible that the intent was to discredit the Federation and end the negotiations? The Federation had been hoping to add both the Tureth and the Galadonese people to her membership. Is it possible that Ambassador Garne was target of the food poisoning? Kematsopoulos out.



He got in his rack (bed) and checked the time. Two hours of sleep left. Nouri groaned and shut his eyes.

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