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We last left our story here:

While the Galadons and the Tureth armed insurgents on the planet below, a Turethian woman onboard the Eagle began experiencing headaches and hearing voices. Extremely disoriented, she looked for a weapon and Sickbay. Melania believed somehow if she could kill the Galadonese Empress she could be free of the voices and pain.

As security closed in on her position, she burst into Sickbay looking for the dying Empress.

At this time an assistant security officer (played by our old friend Bink) entered Sickbay.

Melania turned around suddenly and fired at him. . .

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon, Part Twenty
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

ZWWWEEE! SIZZLE! The shot from the Type II Phaser rings out and hits the forcefield.

"Ah, about time it came on. But it needed to keep her out-not in," Dr. Taffel sighs and ducks back under a desk. Several areas of the USS Eagle had been especially modified to handle the unruly guests and failed diplomatic negotiations that happened months earlier. Fortunately for our hero (Bink), the Captain had them left in place.

The armed Turethian woman is shocked and surprised. She aims and fires AGAIN!!!

ZWWWEEEK! SIZZLE! The shot flies out again and is absorbed harmlessly by the forcefield.

The ASEC nods to the security force behind him to drop the field. This time, it is his turn to fire.

ZWWWEEEK! THUD!! Ensign Ralph Anderson's Turethian girlfriend hits the deck unconscious.

The ASEC motions for the others to enter and be careful in case the woman was not alone. He kneels down to examine her. ~Unconscious. Good,~ he thinks and breathes a sigh of relief.

He motions to the Security Team again and says, "Fan out, secure Sickbay. Make sure the Empress and Captain are safe." He knew they had both been the targets of assassination attempts since the negotiations began and would likely so remain until events were concluded.

Meanwhile, in a back room in Sickbay, the CMO of the GSS Protectress and the CMO of the USS Eagle were locked in a telepathic download called the Golavaht. It was not going well for either of them...

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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