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Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon, Part  Nineteen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

The Empress was in Sickbay, doing better but still in critical condition and unconscious.

Dr. Laleia-Lii, the CMO of the USS Eagle, and Dr. Trava, the CMO of the Galadonese Warship, the GSS Protectress, were there also in the Golovaht, a Galadonese method of transferring information telepathically from one person to another. During this, Dr. Trava recognized and now understood that her Eagle counterpart had done her best to try and save the Empress' life. She also learned that the Empress wanted peace very much and that the Federation alien that ran this small ship was still linked to the Empress via the Ankhanahkstoi and had been irreversibly changed by it.

Suddenly, as Dr. Trava was finishing the Golovaht, a Turethian woman armed with a type two phaser set to kill burst into Sickbay.

The voices inside Melania's head now became hers out loud and she said louder and louder as if in a trance, "Must kill her. Must kill her. Then I can be free."

Melania became more agitated making her way near Dr. Trava, the Empress and Captain who looked entirely Galadonese. "Where is she???" she screamed.

This caused Dr Trava to lose attention and she slipped and let something she was trying to hide telepathically from the Eagle's CMO to the front of her mind.

The CMO despite having a very difficultly time with the Golovaht had been trying to learn what she could of the process and anything else she could manage. Her efforts paid off when Dr Trava dropped her telepathic' guard and revealed that the Galadons had a super weapon that could destroy the their hated enemy, the Tureth, in a short period of time. She tried to tune into that thought but it vanished as Dr. Trava recovered quickly from her lapse.

At this time an assistant security officer (played by our old friend Bink) entered Sickbay.

Melania turned around suddenly and fired at him. . .

(That's of course when we ended the sim.;o))

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