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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Science Station Alpha Nine

      Meanwhile, oblivious to the tensions on the bridge, LCDR Unstoffe and LT Ralph were experiencing tensions enough of their own.  Having tried to analyze the device removed from Pangloss' quarters with all the tools available, they had yet to decipher how it worked and were left to make an educated guess.  The fact that the computer was able to detect an explosive built into the device did not fill them with confidence.  Given a choice of buttons to push, the pair opt for the most obvious red button.  It armed the device and the scanner monitoring its activity registers that a timer has engaged and begun to count down.  Thinking quickly, the pair adjusted the scanner to determine which circuits became active when the red button was pushed.  It worked and they are able to identify the signal path to the explosive and how to disarm it.  A short time later, they are back at work trying to use the device to decrypt the mysterious transmission that activated it.

      Staring at the device and deep in thought, Unstoffe has a sudden insight, "That odd piece of art in Pangloss' quarters . . . I just realized it is made of a similar material to this box.  It had a single, narrow stripe on the middle, a mauve stripe. Don't you think its strange that this device has a mauve button?"

      Ralph thinks his partner may have been overstressed by the episode with the booby trap and responds quizzically and sarcastically, "Fascinating."

      Unstoffe is too sure of himself to be deterred. "Push it!" he exclaims.

      Afraid of what might happen if he argued, Ralph answers quickly, "Okay . . ." and then directs the robot arm within the containment field to push the mauve button as ordered.

      Unexpectedly, the device comes to life and begins repeated the translated message over and over.  "Contact us immediately. We are waiting.  We will not wait much longer. We must know if you have completed your assignment.  Otherwise your ship's destruction will ensure our success. Your escape vessel awaits. Bring proof for final payment."

      Unstoffe pats Ralph on the back and exclaims, "We did it!"

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