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Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek


Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Docking Port 3A

Captain Kematsopoulos, an assistant medical officer and three others arrived at Docking Port 3A, to welcome the Galadonese envoys and medical team.

KARRICK....SWISHHH! The airlock unlocked. The oval hatch facing the interior of the USS Eagle opened and two armed Galadonese security guards exited.

Two of the Eagle crew flinched when they saw this. The Captain sighed. This was going to be a rough one. Having two armed Galadonese guards with a Turethian party onboard was the only way to make this situation worse but he knew he was stuck. The Galadons were touchy enough as it was. Telling them to leave the guards on their ships would only anger them further. He knew he would have to wait for another moment.

Several attendants filed out of the hatch followed by officers and the CMO of the Protectress. From the way they exited the Captain assumed that Dr. Trava was the person in charge.

"Greetings," the Captain said careful to follow Galadonese protocols and remain stiff, formal and a bit arrogant as would be expected by them of his status as Hanahk to their Empress. Although he did not want that status he knew it was the only thing he had to get them to listen to him. Perhaps even stop this war. "I wish the meeting were under better circumstances," he finished.

The CMO responded politely as per protocol, but that was it. Although the alien Captain had mutated into her race she would not accept him as a Galadon nor would she ever see him as Hanahk, although she did recognize the technical accuracy of that title.

"Here," she said briskly, as a lieutenant from the GSS Protectress stepped forward to hand the CO a document. "This is what Admiral Ghoransk promised you."

"Thank you," said the Captain as he handed it to one of the people waiting with him. "Please see that Engineering gets and analyzes this immediately." A young lieutenant from the Eagle strode forward, saluted, took the document and left for engineering.

Captain Kematsopoulos led the remainder of the group down the passage way towards the turbolift, as he did so armed Eagle security guards joined him and the Galadons. The Captain had anticipated the Galadons coming onboard angry and armed, just like their warship poised to strike the Eagle and the planet below and gave orders for additional and visible security guards to join them depending on what the monitors showed.

"What are they for," asked Dr. Trava angrily, noticing the new arrivals.

"For your protection," the Captain replied coolly. "We have Tureth onboard, " he replied.

Then he added telepathically to the CMO,  ~~And to protect the Tureth. It is our duty to keep you both safe while you are onboard. We will have no armed conflict onboard the Eagle between your two races. Do I make myself clear?~~

The Doctor stared hard at the Captain. She understood him and nodded. She was shaken by that display and less sure of herself and her position.

The Captain's plan worked. He had timed the two events well; the arrival of the security guards if needed and the revelation of his new teletpathic abilities that as the mutations progressed were becoming closer and closer to equal to that of the Empress. 

The CMO of the Protectress quickened her pace and wondered how far the mutations had gone with this Human and how much of the Empress'  special abilities he would acquire with them. She would secretly scan him later to check this and half wondered if he could read her thoughts on this. The Captain both could and did but he did not let her now. He knew from previous encounters with other people and races that it was best for skeptics to find somethings out for themselves. "Let her scan and learn the truth for herself," he thought quietly to himself.

"How is she?" Dr. Trava asked, returning to the point of the visit.

"Not well, we must hurry," the Captain Kematsopoulos replied sadly, making no effort to hide his true emotions on this topic. The Captain was about to lose the second woman he had ever loved. He didn't care if all of Galadon knew it.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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