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Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos


Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

      LT Terkayzee sat fidgeting in the Captain's chair.  Too much was going on and he really wanted one of the senior officers on the bridge, but they were all involved in something more crucial at the moment.  The Captain had just left to meet the shuttle bearing the Galadon representatives to the ship.  They were very concerned about the condition of their Empress who, at that moment unknown to them, lay dying in sickbay.  

      Meanwhile, the Chief of Security, LCDR Unstoffe and LT Ralph were busy trying to disarm and decrypt a device found in the quarters of their former Medical Officer, the nefarious Dr. Pangloss, now deceased.  The device had responded to a communication emanating from outside the Eagle.  LT Terkayzee wasn't certain how, but somehow the device and Dr. Pangloss were linked to this conflict over Sirius South and the larger war between the Galadons and Tureth.  Even before they had found and removed the device, the Captain had ordered a probe launched to track down the source of the mysterious transmission that activated it.  

      Equally disturbing was the loss of communications from Ensign Yajiru who had taken a shuttle to the planet surface.  He was to pick up yet another representative to the peace conference.  Her name was L'Asaha and she spoke for a group of rebel Sandokhans who were independent of both those supported by the Galadons and Tureth for domination of the planet of Sirius South.  

      The last communication from Yajiru was that he had successfully picked her up and was returning to the Eagle.  Sensors showed that the shuttle was caught in a sudden and violent storm on the planet surface.  Yajiru reported losing control, but that was the last the Eagle had heard.  Terkayzee assumed the shuttle had crashed, but the storm was preventing sensors from locating the crash site.

      The young lieutenant who had chomped on the bit to finally get his hands on the conn, was nervous and worried. He felt as if the weight of the galaxy was on him.

      He was correct.

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