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Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, The Lady in Blue
Location: Unknown
Setting: A stone room

    Captain Kematsopoulos studied the part of the room he could see. He saw a band of undisciplined looking aliens that were smaller than the ones who captured them. Hoping that he was out of earshot of their captors, he started talking with his Security Officer.

    Kvard, the leader of the small group, saw the Captain talking and approached him. The young Sandokhan smiled and hit him repeatedly. "No talking," he said as if that justified his brutality. The Captain groaned, his lips bled and his eyes swelled.

    "Why have you taken us here?" the Captain asked. The teen leader did not answer but hit him again instead.

    The Captain shone and odd blue color, like a blue light was shining from within. His skin tingled as the light encompassed his body. When the light faded away his injuries were mysteriously gone. The teen leader saw it and was intrigued in a villainous way and hit the Captain again. The phenomena repeated itself and the Captain was made whole.

    The XO could not see the Captain but could hear what was going on. "Captain are you here? Are you alright?" he asked.

    "Yes, I am here," the captain replied. "We need to find out where our med team has gone."

    The Sandokhan leader from last sim (the one who captured us) entered the room from a door that was out of sight.

    "Kvard!  Stop that now!  I put you in charge to watch these prisoners, not kill them!" he yelled.

    The unruly teen shrank back from his assault. The alien leader said, "My apologies if my "men" exceeded their authority."

    "You there," he said to the XO. "Come with me. Now you will answer my questions . . . one way or another!"

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, The Lady in Blue, Part Two
Location: Unknown
Setting: Another stone room

    In another stone room, a good distance away, Cadet Sarie regained consciousness. She could see that she was in stone room, on a spartan but comfortable bed. There was another woman with her. The woman had a fever and her breathing was labored. Zoeya could not tell if she was sleeping or unconscious.

    Suddenly the woman shone blue. When the light disappeared her lips were bleeding and her face badly bruised and swelling.

     "What the smeg?" said the young medical officer. She wished desperately that she could do something but her medical kit was taken from her.
    The woman groaned and her fever got worse. Zoeya reached over and mopped the woman's brow. Then the odd blue light shone again. The AMO had a bad feeling that more injuries would appear and they did.
    "Do you know what's happening to you? How can I stop this?" Zoeya asked.
    Finally the woman blinked and came out of the trance like state she was in. She was barely able to talk but croaked out, " You are new. Who are you?"

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, The Lady in Blue, Part Three
Location: Unknown
Setting: The main stone room

    The leader of the Sandokhan warriors returned and picked Ensign Tiberian for interrogating. Then all the Sandokhans left the room including the unruly teens.

    Captain Kematsopoulos had a good view of the front of the main room. He saw the Sandokhans leave, studied the manacles once more and then spat out a tool he had hidden earlier. He quickly freed himself.

    Ensign Ralph reported that he saw a room that had their equipment in it. The Captain freed him next then the others. He ordered Ralph to investigate the equipment since he was furthest from view should anyone return before he was done.  After that, he freed the others and told them to pretend to still be held fast by the manacles. It was going to take a lot more than just escaping the cuffs to get everyone to safety.

    Ensign Ralph quickly investigated the table. The communicators, laser cutters, tools, and some other gear from the Away Team and the other captured groups. All the weapons were gone. All the devices left were dissembled. From the mess that was made it looked like the less technologically advanced Sandokhans had taken them apart. It was difficult but the clever Ensign was able to patch together one working communicators.

    "Ralph to Eagle, we've been imprisoned..." he started to say.

    But the only reply was static.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, The Lady in Blue, Part Six
Location: Unknown
Setting: Main holding room

    Ensign Ralph used the other equipment to find out why he was not transmitting or receiving a signal. The stone walls had interfered with off world transmitting. He wondered if the stone would permit a different transmission, one to another Eagle communicator. It did and he began trying to convince the young woman he had given it to that he really was in danger and needed help.

    Suddenly there was a rushing of wind.  The big break the Captain was looking for had arrived.

    "Change of plan. I think we are in an underground cave and that it just "breathed". That means we are near an opening! Take the others and get out as fast as you can when the time comes.  I hope to find out where our two missing crew are next. I am going to make sure I'm picked next for that long walk and talk..."

    He paused and his eyes shone oddly. "There's another to rescue...She's...They're coming! Tell Ralph to get back quickly!! " he interrupted himself twice.

    "Ralph, get back here. Someone is coming!" the security officer whispered.
    The Sandokhans arrived, bringing Ensign Tiberian with them. They quickly chained him back up and the warrior leader strutted up and down the line of prisoners from the Eagle, looking them carefully over.

    Captain Kematsopoulos, yelled, "You there! You in charge? I demand that you tell us why you have brought us here!!"

    The leader said harshly in disbelief, "You dare speak to me?"

    "Yes, and I'll dare that and more!" the Captain replied goading him on.

    "You are in no position to make demands. But if you are in such a talkative mood, I can arrange a better setting," he threatened.

    The Captain grinned enough to beg for more trouble and guarantee that he was next to be interrogated. He coughed loudly to cover the clicking sound as locked himself back up.

    He hated to do that. It was a big gamble. It always was. Knowing when to seize the moment and when to wait for a better chance was not easy. Nouri hoped that this would allow him to find the women and buy the men sometime to escape. If all went well, the Sandokhans would all leave with him like they just did with the Communications Officer and those left behind will have escaped by the time he returned.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, The Lady in Blue, Part Seven
Location: Unknown
Setting: The Sandokhan main holding room for prisoners

    The seasoned Sandokhan leader of the warrior class said pointing to the Captain, "This one.  Take him down and bring him to the room. Perhaps he will be more useful than the last one."

    The teenage Sandokhans unchained the CO and dragged him roughly out of the room. He carefully observed his surroundings.

    As soon as it was clear LTjg Unstoffe whispered, "Ralph! They're gone. Try again to reach whoever you were talking to."

    Meanwhile the Captain was thrown into another room. There was a desk and various implements of persuasion hanging from the walls. One Sandokhan stood to the right the other to his left.  Nouri's hands were tied behind his back.

    "Why have you taken us here?" Kematsopoulos asked more as an angry Captain than a captive.

    The Sandokhan to his right, struck him in the gut, "Speak when spoken to!" The Captain gasped and doubled over.

    "That will be enough, Kvard," the leader of the warrior class said to the leader of the male teens. "But my young protege' is correct.  You are here to answer my questions.  Perhaps if you do that well, I'll return the favor. Who are you?"

    "I am Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos of the Federation starship Eagle," he said with authority still in his voice but the harshness stripped from it.

    "That's better," he said smiling in a particularly reptilian way, his yellow eyes gleaming. "What were you doing at the landing site?"

    "We were observing," the Captain answered.

    "Who and to what purpose?" the warrior leader asked.

    "The Galadonese revolutionaries, I think. I am not sure and the others. We've been trying to learn what's going on here at Sirius South. We think it is a key factor in the hostilities," the Captain said.

    "So you were merely curious and happened to be hiding in a barn overlooking an arms deal?' the Sandokhan asked incredulously. "My, my, how interesting."

    "More than curious," the Captain replied. "We want to learn what is going on. We don't have many leads or contacts here. We learned of the transfer and came to watch. We want to end the war. What is your part in this?"

    The leader replied sharply, "I am not finished yet. On who's terms would you like to end it?"

    "Some mutual ending. Some compromise," he said.

    "Admit it! You were there to ambush the arms shipment for the Tureth!" the Sandokhan yelled." You are allied with them and hope to tip this war in their favor."

    "No! We are not allied with them. We have been trying to negotiate a peace between the Galadons and Tureth," Captain Kematsopoulos yelled back.

    "My agents destroyed a ship carrying these Tureth who infect our world.  I have a report that they were helped by other aliens closely matching your descriptions," he accused.

       Nouristao stared hard at the leader. Nouri was exhausted and not sure he heard right. The Sandokhans couldn't have tried to assassinate his friend, Ambassador Releth? Could they? How could they even know he was coming?? Was this a bluff to ferret out some information or was it true? All evidence that the Eagle had so far pointed to someone onboard the freighter placing a small bomb in the right place. Their number one suspect was Mara, one of the aides to the Ambassador.

    "When was this?" the Captain asked.

    "Days before we captured you!  Don't play dumb.  The gas doesn't have that severe an effect," he answered.

    But Nouri did play dumb to get more information, "I don't understand. Ship?" he hoped against reason that he did not mean Releth's.

    "The ship of the Tureth's high official trying to slip onto our world and create more problems.  I will not allow it, " the Sandokhan growled.

    Now Nouri knew that this was definitely the Tureth Ambassador's ship.  He'd give them no information they did not now. He was free to speak his mind on this.

    "Then you are a fool! They were here to help end the war!!" he yelled. "You just tried to kill your last chance for peace."

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, The Lady in Blue, Part Eight
Location: Unknown
Setting: The Sandokhan Interrogation Room
Joint log by Unstoffe(Guest Alien) and NouriKemat(CO)

    The Sandokhan leader of the warrior class thought that he was finally making some progress with this captive. The Human was showing signs of fatigue and emotion charged responses. It was time to try to trip this "alien" up.

    He ignored the captive's last comment and asked, "Now, from whom do you take your orders.  Who sent you to the landing site? Don't try to deceive me. The one who just left confessed that you were a Galadonese half-breed and a traitor to that race."

    Captain Kematsopoulos replied angrily, "I am not a half breed. It's a mutation. I am not a traitor to any group." "What did they get Ensign Tiberian to say," he wondered.

    "I will give you one more chance.  Explain your presence first on this planet and more specifically at the arms deal. I will warn you that the other already confessed to you involvement in the ambush and the aid you give the Tureth," he lied cleverly.

    The Human yelled wearily and angrily, "It was not an ambush!"

    "Then, what was it?" he demanded.

    "We were to watch them and see if we could learn something," Nouri explained.

    "What did you hope to learn?" he asked.

    "Anything. We are desperate and having a way to contact the leader of the revolutionary faction was important," Nouri said.

    "You talk nonsense.  You think you can end a war by sticking your nose where it doesn't belong?" the Sandokhan said exasperated by his captive.

    "Seeing them operate was important... We've been invited and its our job ... This war isn't going to stop here with your planet or all those from the Tureth, Federation or the Galadonese Empire. It's going to spill out and kill trillions," he explained.

    "I care not about such things.  I care only for my people and the harm done them by these aliens," the leader declared contemptuously.

    "Then your precious planet will become an uninhabitable dustball with all the fighting to come. If you think its bad now, what's going to happen when both sides send their warships here to bombard your planet? Is that what you want?" he tried to get the "alien" to reason with him.

    "Invited by who?  See, you admit you are working for the aliens.  Name which ones," the leader asked deliberately not giving the human any sign that he had already contemplated that grim possibility.

    "Invited by the man you tried to kill!" Nouri snapped.

    "So then you admit you allegiance to the Tureth, but expect me to believe you were only observing their enemies get new arms with no plan to react," he said triumphantly believing he had peeled away his prisoner's deception at last.

    "We are not aligned with the Tureth! We are not aligned with the Galadons! We ARE aligned with the United Federation of Planets. BOTH sides asked us to help them negotiate a peace," the captain said exasperatedly.

    "It is a stupid way to win a war," the leader goaded him.

    "We don't want to win a war. We want to end it. What is your clever plan then? Will you kill all the Galadons and Tureth one at time?" the Captain said sarcastically to try and get the Sandokhan to give up some information and see how entrenched this hatred was for the non-Sandokhans.

    "You know nothing of our size.  And yes, one at a time if that is what it takes. In circles we go again," the leader spat back. "I don't know what to believe from this one. Sometimes I feel he is telling the truth. But it's such an absurd truth. Why should a third party go through all this trouble" he thought. All he had known from offworlders were lies, broken promises and death.  His mind wanted to believe the alien, but every fiber of his being rebelled at the thought.  But if he spoke the truth, perhaps this was the way out.  Such a chance could not be dismissed lightly nor could he allow his prejudices to throw away even a remote chance at peace.

    The Captain tried to read the Sandokhan's expressions, wondering if he believed him or not. It was hard. He was not that familiar with reptilian races.  Ultimately his and his crew's survival was at stake.  He had seen Sandokhan women and children as he was moved to this room.  That meant this cave was not only a military facility, but home for the rebel's families.  They were unlikely to risk exposing its location in any case, and killing the captives was the only sure way to avoid that risk.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, The Lady in Blue, Part Nine
Location: Unknown
Setting: The Sandokhan Interrogation Room
Joint log by Unstoffe(Guest Alien) and NouriKemat(CO)

    "How can you prove to me you belong to an independent third party? What is the United Federation of Planets of which you speak?" the leader asked giving the appearance of the opening that the Captain was hoping for.

    The Captain sighed with a bit of relief, perhaps now he was getting somewhere. "The UFP is a group of allies that work together to protect ourselves and to help keep the peace amongst ourselves and others. Examine our devices. What type of gear did we bring? Do you recognize it belonging to the Galadons or Tureth?"

    "We seized weapons, communications devices, spy equipment. The offworlders bring many different types of gear.  Little of it is standard. Yours is somewhat different in style but similar in function. It proves nothing," he said dismissively. "Here is another thread, another fact that does not fit," he thought. "We have captured much, yet these devices are subtly different.  I have yet to see anything quite like them."

    "Then let one of us go to the surface and bring you more proof," the Captain challenged him.

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