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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Title: More Questions Than Answers:  Reunions
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Wardroom

Captain Kematsopoulos is weak but he has recovered and is back to full duties. He reviews all the reports from the department head meeting that just occurred.

First, there was the old report from the history department:


RE: Possible recent history and developments of the Galadon and Tureth conflict
STARDATE: 200103.24

Sir!! It seems that the reception was not a total disaster after all!

From what we learned during the reception and, etc., we were able to piece together the following brief. Please be advised that it is based on hearsay evidence.

 The History Department is excited to postulate some recent history about the two groups and a startling development.

1) Most importantly, we now believe, the level of technological development of both groups is much higher than we were led to believe.

In fact, we now believe it possible that the Galadons and Tureth are two emerging interstellar powers.

The Galadons are a slightly older spacefaring race who have established a fairly robust trade-based economy in their "corner" of the galaxy.

The Tureth are a recently established republic of disparate planets.

2) The start of the war, or so we think, stems from a trading outpost established by the Galadons on a world nominally independent but within the Tureth sphere of influence.

The Tureth responded by inciting a coup on the disputed planet. The new government quickly joined the Tureth Republic and expelled the Galadon outpost and associated diplomatic mission.

The Galadons continued to support its allies in the original government and allowed them to establish a government in exile within Galadon territory. Hostilities commenced as each government faction attempted to control the planet.  Both the Galadons and Tureth aided the government sympathetic to its position.

The fighting quickly escalated as each side conducted raids on the other's supply lines to the disputed planet. Many have died or are missing.

Following a Galdonese raid, which accidentally destroyed a medical convoy, mistaking it for a munitions freighter, the Tureth declared general war and the Galadons responded in-kind.

3) As you know, there is currently a ceasefire and tensions are high.

Since the ceasefire the Galadons have accused the Tureth of conducting terrorist operations on several planets, including their homeworld, Galadon Twelve, but have offered no concrete proof.

4) Both parties claimed to have recently lost scout ships and have blamed the other side. They both maintain their innocence and ignorance of what has happened to each others' ships.

5) Also, our sources think they heard that both the Galadons and the Tureth expect some type of weapon shipment from an outside source. We cannot be sure. We felt it important o advise you that there maybe a build up of combat vessels in their region of space and they both may intend to resume hostilities shortly.

6) We have noticed something that we felt to be quite odd. Alone in conversation, each race is generally pleasant and courteous by human standards, but when they come together in a room it is almost as if we are seeing two different, antagonistic races. We can only speculate that so intense is their hatred and animosity for each other that it results in these changes.

Recommendations: Proceed with the utmost caution. Get clarification from both parties and soon as possible and do not hold as true anything they say unless it can be independently verified. If we are correct about their level of technology and armaments, they could pose a threat to the Federation and galactic peace in addition to just themselves and their part of space.

Very Respectfully,
LTJG Margarita Delgado, NPC
Specialist, Xenoconflicts

Second, there was the Science department on Sirius South. It indicated that it was a dry Class M planet but one well suited to support the environmental needs of the crew.

Third, was the report from Medical. The CMO recommended that the crew bring our own water and watch out for the poisonous insects. She also developed something that may allow the Captain to visit the planet.

Fourth, there was the Security report. It was very long and detailed. Since the original coup, the Tureth faction has had nominal governance of the planet; however, Tureth control has collapsed in several key regions.  As part of the cease fire agreement, both sides have pledged to suspend any efforts to enlarge their respective zones.  

While the regular forces of both powers have appeared to have abided by this agreement, three indigenous factions have not agreed to the cease fire arrangement. There is one faction each in support of the rival planetary governments.  Each of these was sponsored by either the Tureth or Galadons and has remained under their influence to a great extent, although both groups have acted independently on occasion.  

The third faction is much smaller and rejects any external control of Sirius South.  It has acted to prevent either side from gaining full control of the planet in the hope that prolonged hostilities will result in the Galadons and Tureth withdrawing support from their puppet governments and establishing Sirius South as a neutral world.  It is unclear exactly how much control the Galadons and Tureth exercise over their own factions, but neither has
any influence over the third.  To the extent that any agreement favors one side over the other, we should assume the remaining factions will act to disrupt the negotiations.  There was likely to be plenty of surprises of the unpleasant sort.

Nouri drank some more of his coffee. He had no idea how to pull the negotiations out of the fire but he had a plan and some surprises of his own.

Title: More Questions Than Answers:  Reunions, Part Two
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Captain's Quarters

Captain Kematsopoulos came up with a plan. It was dangerous for him personally but it might just work. He had been ordered to pull this mission off at any cost. Nouri hoped this disputed planet, Sirius South would hold some answers. He assembled two away teams. Team One would meet a contact from the Galdonese part of the conflict. Team Two would meet one from Tureth. He also had other surprises in mind.

When he made contact with the Galadonese faction, they said they'd trust only him, so he had no choice but to go.    If it was not imperative that he be on the planet he'd have stayed on board the Eagle.  But the Galadonese people would not trust anyone other than himself. They made that abundantly clear. They felt this way even if he had not almost fully mutated from a Human into a Galadon.

The Captain reviewed the reports that the CMO sent him on her tests. She believes to have found a way to dampen his Galadonee pheromones that trigger violence in Tureth. She  also found a sedative that should work for short periods of time to reduce the Galadonese part of his body's agitated response to the Tureth pheromones and agreed to surgically alter the Captain to make him look like his old self.

Nouri checked his chronometer. It was time to head over to Sickbay and prepare to meet with the Galadonese contact. When that was done, it would be time to head down to the surface to meet him.

Title: More  Questions Than Answers:  Reunions, Part Three
Location: Sirius South

It had been a long day, but they had finally met one of their contacts on this mission to find the truth about the Galadon-Tureth Conflict and this innocuous and insignificant looking planet.

Captain Kematsopoulos' injections were wearing off and he appreciated the chance to be free of the drugs for a while, if even a short time. He was still taking sedative to calm down his Galadonese biological system's reactions to not fly into a rage every time he encountered a Tureth and a pheromone dampening injection to dampen his system from producing similar reactions in the Tureth.

"Captain Kematsopoulos, here. One to beam aboard," the tired Captain said into his communicator. He waited for the reply and then flipped the door shut to the device as he was whisked away from the turbulent planet.

He materializes. The familiar surroundings of the USS Eagle's Transporter Room One shimmers back into place. The Captain breaths a sigh of relief. The information is safe.

Title: More Questions Than Answers:  Reunions, Part Four
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Transporter Room One

Captain Kematsopoulos leaves quickly for Main Engineering with padd full of information and perhaps even misinformation from the Galadonese contact that he and LTjg Unstoffe met.
 He barely arrives at engineering to brief LCDR Tsiolkovsky, the Chief Engineer, on what he wants done when he is interrupted via the comms.

"Sir? That explosion that you had us beam teams to help with... Well, some of the victims are being beamed onboard," LT Schuler announces.

"Why?" the Captain asks, clearly puzzled.

"I don't know why sir. The Away Team didn't say," the Lieutenant replies.

"Tell Sickbay and Security to send teams to greet our visitors. Tell the Transporter Chief that I'm on my way back" he orders.

"Aye, sir," replies LT Schuler.

As the Captain leaves Engineering, he mulls this over. Something was wrong very wrong with this. But what? Who was being beamed on board and why?

The Captain rushes back to transporter room to see both the person and the reason at the same time.

It was Ambassador Releth!

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, Part Five
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Transporter Room One

Inspite of all the pigment the CMO added to the CO's skin to restore his human coloring, Captain Kematsopoulos turns white upon seeing Ambassador Releth in his disguise. He was not supposed to meet with him until later in the week. Something had gone terribly wrong but what? Had someone leaked information about a secret meeting with him? If so it was not from the Eagle's side.

The Eagle had been plagued by spies ever since it picked up new crew at Starbase Six. This time the Captain took no chances. He was the only one onboard the Eagle who knew that Ambassador Releth would visit Sirius South.

"Are you OK?" the Captain asks worriedly looking at his friend, one of the survivors from the blast.

"I feel a bit rattled, banged up.  Maybe I have a broken bone or two. 
Nothing terribly grave. Physically, anyway. I am afraid others were not so lucky..." the Ambassador began rambling.

"I understand. You can stay on the Eagle for now and the others may also when we find them. You should be safe here. What happened?" the Captain asks, extremely concerned.
"Something went wrong with my ship, I don't know what, or whether it was an accident or sabotage. Many of my crew members are gravely injured or missing..." he replies.

"I am sorry that our meeting had to take place under such circumstances," the Ambassador continues.

"I as well," the Captain says motioning to his medical team to transport the Ambassador.
After they all arrive in Sickbay, the Captain and Ambassador resume the conversation.

"How many are missing?" Captain Kematsopoulos asks.

"We been unable to locate Mara, Shandrin, Tekel, and several others, Ambassador Releth replies. "Many are missing.  I blame myself," he finishes.

The Captain sits down near Releth and says, "My people are looking for yours now." He repeats himself tying to give his friend some hope. "Any chance of a leak?" he asks.

"I don't know.  After this ... event... I am not so sure," the Ambassador replies shakily.

 "Any chance of anything else being affected?" Captain Kematsopoulos asks hoping the Ambassador would understand his meaning without needing more detail.

"I... don't know," he replies, understanding and sharing the Captain's unarticulated concern.

Nouri looks even more gravely worried and changes the subject.

"We need descriptions of your people and names that they are using," he says.

"I'll put that together as soon as I can," Releth says, as he weakly tried to fend off an overzealous AMO.

More wounded arrive from below along with Commander Cline and LTjg Unstoffe. They enter Sickbay. Ambassador Releth looks over the group and finds three people missing.

The Captain turns to his first officer and says quietly, "I need to know what happened down there ASAP. This may have been deliberate."

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, Part Six
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

The CO, XO, CMO, ASEC, Ambassador Releth and those of his party that were retrieved were all in Sickbay. The crew of the Eagle was trying to figure out what happened and who was still missing from the explosion. Although Releth had been very careful to disguise his arrival and himself, something had gone seriously wrong.

"Releth, sir, did you see or hear of anything that could help us narrow our search for the answers?" the Executive Officer of the USS Eagle asks. He watches Releth and the others closely to see if their feelings are betrayed by their faces.

"We had just landed the ship. We were cooling down the engines . . . I heard a loud BOOM!" Releth says as he types descriptions of the missing persons.

"How soon did you notice your party was injured? Were you very near to ground zero?" the XO asks further.
Ambassador Releth finishes the description and hands the padd to Cline. "I am not sure," he answers.

"Thank you," the XO says. CDR James Cline takes the padd, glances over the information and hands it to LTjg Unstoffe, the security officer in charge of this investigation. The young lieutenant takes the padd and beams back down to continue the search on the planet below for the missing members of the secret negotiation party.

"I was very dazed afterward, but I couldn't have been too near the source of the explosion, as I am not badly injured," Releth answers.

Captain Kematsopoulos, a former Chief Engineer, runs through various engineering sounds and problems in his head. "What kind of boom? Could you recognize it if you heard it again?" he wonders.

"It was a very loud, deep boom," the Ambassador answers.

"What about how it felt rather than sounded? Above or below you?" CDR Cline asks.

"It left a ringing in my ears... I don't know I'm so sorry.  I just don't know.  Give me time to ... assemble things in my head... I think it was below me..." he speculates.

"I... I don't remember anything particularly ... mechanical about it ... it was just your general all-purpose 'boom'," the Ambassador stammers.

"Thank you, I'll be back later to interro...ask for more detail if you remember anything," CDR informs him.

Ambassador Releth nods. He sits in his chair, staring ahead dazedly.  He looks old and haggard. The distinguished former president of Tureth and retired admiral from their space navy slumps. This assignment was becoming too much for him. It would be better left to the next generation, but if he did not find a way for peace now with the Galadons, they might never get the chance. All the Intelligence reports that he had seen told him the Galadons had sufficient fire power to end this conflict and his race's existence once and for all. Time was up and the deadly bluffing game of deterrence of was about to get called. He did not want his people on the losing end of the bet when it was time to cash the chips.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Reunions, Part Seven
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

"Have someone from engineering narrow this type of sound down for us," the CO orders.

"Yes, Sir. .. And Captain? May I have a word with you privately?" CDR Cline asks.

"Yes," the Captain replies.

CDR Cline turns his back to the injured party to hide his end of the conversation from them. The Captain sees what he is doing and does similarly.

"Sir, the one with the face and upper torso injuries seems to have the most of the residue that we found at the site. I'm running analysis on it now.  Could she have been closer or placing the bomb instead of an innocent victim?" he asks.

"It's possible. I fear there has been yet another security leak but where and who?" the Captain wonders.

"I'll have swabs taken and analyzed, from her hands," the XO says.

"Have an AMO do it as part of the medical work. It will look more natural and not tip our hand. If there is a spy or saboteur is among them, I want all the surprises on our side," the CO orders.

"Aye, sir," replies the XO.

Captain Kematsopoulos watches the XO leave and turns his attention to the Ambassador. Nouri feels for his friend Releth, even though he was in love with the Empress on the other side in the conflict. How in the heavens was he going to pull off this last ditch negotiation effort that he secretly called for?

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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