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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Title: More Questions Than Answers: Trick or Treatment? Part One
Location: USS Eagle, orbiting Tureth
Setting: Sickbay

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos is mutating into a Galadon as a result of an aborted alien ritual with the Empress Zahrina. He enters Sickbay for another set of treatments of Accelerated Genetic Therapy to attempt to restore his human DNA. He dreads this visit as he as each of the others.

Nouri has noticed that he comes away from each set of treatments feeling worse and in more pain. He steels himself up for the treatments, reminding himself that Dr. Pangloss has promised him that this set of treatments will be his last.
After the AGTs are finished, another round of transfusions takes place. When they are over the Captain is tired, in a lot of pain and having trouble breathing. His skin is pale white like that of a Galadon but flecked with bronze color. (This bronzing is not normal for humans or Galadons.)
Then Dr. Pangloss runs the tests to see the fruits of his handiwork. He studies carefully the imbalance of production of one of the four chains of amino acids that make up the hemoglobin. He watches with delight as the osmotic fragility tests, RBC indices, and other indicators are changing as he had wanted: The CBC reflects anemia. The synthesis of beta-globulin chains by the chromosomes bearing the two abnormal genes are completely depressed.

Dr. Pangloss thinks to himself, "The CO will not be so lucky this time. He's survived the bomb and the poison, but not this. It's too late for anyone to save him now."  Then the doctor permitted himself a secretive, sinister smile.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Trick or Treatment? Part Two
Location: USS Eagle, orbiting Tureth
Setting: Sickbay

The CMO and one of the AMOs had fought in Sickbay. When it was over, Dr. Pangloss was lying inert at the CMO's feet after she blasted him with a phaser. The Captain lay dying on a bio bed.

The CMO rushes to open the comms "Security to Sickbay," she says urgently.

Suddenly, Dr. Pangloss springs to life. He grabs the CMO's ankles and knocks her over, pulling part of her under the bio bed and another fight ensues. The CMO fires her phaser again. Dr. Pangloss instead of falling this time just laughs. He lunges at her again.

The Moeban, having no weapons nearby to use, attempts to send a psychic jolt at Dr. Pangloss. This takes him by surprise. He did not know about the psychic abilities of the CMO. He continues fighting her, but he would not underestimate the child-sized alien (by human standards) again.

Ensign Unstoffe arrives and enters Sickbay. He notices the scuffle and draws his phaser, setting it on stun. LCDR Laleia-Lii kicks and hits LT Pangloss again as she notices the Ensign approach.

"He tried to kill the captain!" she yelled.

Ensign Unstoffe aims and fires. Dr. Pangloss hits the deck. This time, the fall to unconsciousness was genuine.

"Do you mind explaining what's going on, Doc?" asks the Ensign with his phaser aimed in her general direction.

 "I'm not quite sure if I can," she replies. "This man who claims to be a doctor nearly killed the CO with his 'treatments'. I arrived in time to stop him and he attacked me."

"No offense, Doc, but Dr. Pangloss has been around longer than you, and he obviously can't answer for himself. How do I know it wasn't the other way 'round?" Ensign Unstoffe asks as he stares at the unconscious AMO.

"Because the Captain is still alive," she said simply.

 The Ensign, with the phaser still trained on both doctors, glances around Sickbay for some clues as to what really happened. He listens to the warning sounds of the CO's bio bed. He looks and sees all the yellow and orange blinking lights in all the wrong places.

"I'm no medic, but he doesn't look to well to me," the Ensign remarks.

"That's due to Pangloss' treatments..." the CMO explains.

The young Ensign, not knowing whether to believe her or not, moves over to intercom and contacts the XO, his phaser still trained on the pair.

"Jim here. I'm on my way," replies CDR Cline.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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