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Captain's Logs

Title: CAPTAIN'S  LOG: STARDATE 200202.16
Location: USS Eagle, Orbiting Tureth
Setting: Bridge

The USS Eagle finally arrives at Tureth. The Captain updates the duty log.

STARDATE 200202.16

Kematsopoulos here. We have arrived at the Tureth homeworld. The dignitaries are departing within the hour. Ambassador Releth has contacted his president. All is arranged below for shore leave and supplies to replenish much of what was lost in aiding the Rigellian Star Adventurer. Engineering teams are still working on the Eagle and its serious repairs. The Tureth have offered the full hospitality of their planet.

End log"

He hoped it would go better than with Galadon Twelve. At least these people were not so xenophobic as were the Galadonese people.     In spite of all the difficulties there he missed Galadon Twelve. Most of all he missed the Empress. Intellectually he could tell himself that his feeling toward her was only another side effect of the aborted ritual but in his heart he knew other wise.

He sighed.

Nouri would not be going below.  His current medical condition made that very dangerous and not because of the mutations. The planet was full of Tureth, an alien physiology that was now incompatible with his Galadonese one to be around.

Captain Kematsopoulos got up and left the conn with LCDR Asimov. There was no use of putting off the treatment any longer. The Star was being safely towed to the nearest Starbase. The Tureth dignitaries would be gone soon. The mission was almost over. It had failed. He refused to accept that. There must be someway to get these two groups to negotiate peacefully.

 He entered the turbo lift and went to Sickbay. Dr. Pangloss seemed very confident that his treatments would work. Nouri did not share that feeling. They always seemed to make him feel worse. But he'd have to finish the experimental treatments Dr. Pangloss had developed to try and restore all of his human DNA. There was nothing else to try if he wished to remain Human.

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