Star Trek Sim / RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Logs

Location: USS Eagle, The voyage to Tureth
Setting: The Captain's Quarters

The engagement with the Orion pirates was over. Captain Kematsopoulos retired to eat dinner alone in his quarters and retire after a long and hard days. A stewart brought him the vegetarian entree of the day. Had he been himself, he would have eaten the beef dish instead. His change of diet was another affect of the mutation.

He sat down and ate hungrily. When he finished eating, Nouri got up and made a steaming cup of Vulcan spice tea, the way his late wife used to make it for it him. He inhaled it deeply and sipped, taking the mug to his cabin's view port.

Nouri stared out side the view port watching the star and sipped. This had been a difficult mission from the beginning, all the way back to Starbase Six when they first received their distinguished visitors. The negotiation had ended in shambles. Both sides seemed reasonable enough at times to get a deal worked out; but everytime they met, it would fail. more. Galactic war seemed inevitable.

"No matter how hard the Eagle and others worked on this problem, some people don't want peace," he thought and sighed aloud. Was only biology to play in this? He did not think so but knew it might play some large role in it. Nouri now knew how it felt to be a Galadon around a Tureth.  If he could only isolate the factors in this dilemma and resolve them. There might be a chance for peace

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