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Title: The Doctor Dilemma, Unstoffe's Log, Stardate 200202.11
Location:  USS Eagle
Setting:  Sickbay

    It was not a situation for which he had been trained. The Security Officer course back at Starfleet had prepared him for zero gravity combat, small squad infantry tactics, hand-to-hand fighting, as well as the various shipboard weapons systems. Sure, they had spent a couple of days on crowd control and non-lethal techniques useful in breaking up the odd bar fight, but he was certain this scenario had not occurred in any of the literature. Doctors
rarely were engaged in combat, almost never with each other, and, he was quite positive about this, never, ever in sickbay. After all, they had taken the Hippocratic oath, hadn't they? So, for the first few seconds, his mind simply refused to acknowledge what appeared before them.

    The fight the CMO and Dr. Pangloss were engaged in could only be accurately described as a fire-fight. The sight of phaser fire shook off the last vestiges of sleep. Alert, he crouched down to assess the situation. Who started the fight or why he didn't know. The only question now was who to put down first. Unfortunately, he had been rudely awaken while trying to sleep off his the vestiges of his shore leave on Tureth. While he knew the call for
help came from sickbay, he couldn't really swear to whose voice had blared over the intercom.

    The CMO made the decision for him. She shouted, "He tried to kill the captain!" True or not, it jolted him into action. Unstoffe made one final check that his phaser was on "stun" and fired. Dr. Pangloss dropped and lay motionless on the deck.

    Slowly, he swung his phaser around and pointed it at the CMO. "Do you mind explaining what's going on, Doc?" he inquired.

    Out of breath, and a little surprised by the phaser pointed in her direction, she replied, "I'm not quite sure if I can. This man who claims to be a "Dr. Pangloss" nearly killed the CO with his 'treatments'. I arrived in time to stop him, and he attacked me."

    Dryly, he countered, "No offense, Doc, but Dr. P has been around longer than you, and he obviously can't answer for himself. How do I know it wasn't the other way 'round?"

    Obviously annoyed at the questioning, the CMO answered tersely, "Because the Captain is still alive."

    Unstoffe tried to judge her body language, the tone in her voice, anything to verify she was telling the truth. He was unfamiliar with her species and didn't trust himself to interpret those cues accurately. Hesitantly, he glanced up at the readings above the CO's bio-bed. Several of the readings were in the yellow range. One, no two, bordered on the red. There was no way of confirming her story from there.

    "I'm no medic, but he doesn't look to well to me," he declared. It was part statement of fact, part accusation. The CMO obviously assumed it was the latter.

    "That's due to Pangloss's treatments," she stated flatly. She was losing patience. "We must do something quickly, or he WILL die."

    Still covering her with his phaser, he slid over to the nearest intercom. "Again I only have your word for that," he challenged. Any sign of confidence he displayed earlier was gone.

    He was out of his depth and the CMO knew it. She turned her back on him and resumed working on the Captain. Without turning she dismissed him, "We will work this out once the Captain is well again."

    Unstoffe activated the intercom. "Sickbay to XO. Request your immediate presence."

    In response he heard the reassuring voice of CDR Cline come over the speaker, "Jim here. I'm on my way."

    Taking some comfort that help was on the way, Unstoffe returned his attention to Dr. Laleila. She was continuing her work on Captain Kematsopoulos. With more confidence than he felt, he cautioned, "Okay, doc. Keep working, but I'll just stay here and watch." As if to emphasize the point, he raised his phaser slightly.

    Dr. Laleila barely noticed. She grunted, "As you wish," and continued to ignore the ensign despite his phaser.

    In a few moments, the XO entered sickbay. He was surprised to see the assistant security officer covering the CMO with a phaser and the general disarray of the room. Then he noticed Dr. Pangloss lying on the deck, unconscious. "Hey . . . what's going on here? Lahrs?" he asked.

    "I got a call to report to SB. Found the two Doc's in a scuffle when I arrived . . . the CMO won," Unstoffe explained, motioning to the prostrate form of Dr. Pangloss.

    "Laleila?" the XO interrupted.

    "She claims Dr. P was trying to kill the Captain and attacked her when she interrupted," Unstoffe finished.

    "Cannot talk, Captain is critical," Dr. Laleila spit out. She was giving the XO about as much notice as she was Unstoffe. Her work consumed her attention.

    Seeming to take her at her word, the XO relaxed slightly and moved over Pangloss. Grabbing a nearby medical tricorder, he scanned the body. "Get this man to a bio bed, now!" he ordered nodding to Unstoffe and the two security men who had entered with him.

    "Aye, sir." Holstering his phaser, Unstoffe bent over to pick up Pangloss. Feeling his earlier explanation had been somehow inadequate he added, "Sir, I'm just a lowly ensign. Not my place to decide who is telling the truth. That's why I called you, sir."

    With the help of the other security men, Unstoffe placed Dr. Pangloss on the bio-bed and restrained him.

    Sensing the ensign's self-doubt, the XO reassured, "Lahrs, you certainly did the right thing. Keep a guard on Pangloss and you stay here and keep an eye on Laleila."

    Feeling a little more confident, Unstoffe opined, "I hope so, sir. The Kaptein doesn't look very well." He then acknowledged the XO's order and resumed watching the CMO. He assigned the rest of the security team to strategic points around sickbay and tried to stay out of the way. He knew Dr. Laleila was telling the truth about one thing. The Captain's life was in jeopardy. All he could do was watch her work and be ready to escort her to the brig
if she failed.

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