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"Feel at home no matter how many light years away from it you are!!"

In the Star Trek sim , the USS Eagle, we play a variety of characters from different cultures and different worlds. A sim is an online role playing game. Ours is played in a chatroom. We type in text and play characters in a story.

 This is a page for foods from the Captain's family.   He is half Chinese and half Greek and enjoys cooking, when he's not out saving the galaxy. If you would like information on our Star Trek RPG just email me or check out the rest of this web page with the links below. The Greek recipes come from his father's side of his family and the Chinese recipes come from his mother's side.

Chinese Food from the the Woo (Wu) Family
(Flag is from after the Chinese Revolution that kicks the communists out in 2045)

* Chinese Dumplings* Click here

Please email me if you try it and let me know how it went. Shee-shee/ Thank you Enjoy!

Greek Food from the the Kematsopoulos Family

* Stuffed Grape Leaves: Dolmathes* COMING SOON!
* Village(Country)Salad: Salata Horiatiki * COMING SOON!
* Greek Shrimp in Wine Sauce: Garithes me Saltsa* Click here
* Egg Lemon Soup: Soupa Avlgolemona* Click here
* Egg Lemon Lamb Soup: Arnaki Soupa Avgolemono * Click here
* Greek Broiled Chicken: Kotopoulo Riganato tis Skaras * COMING SOON!
* Greek Shish Kabob: Souvlaki* COMING SOON!
* Meringue Cookies: Bezethes* Click here
*Butter Cookies: Kourabiethes* Click here
*Greek Christmas Spice Cookies: Melomakarona* Click here

Please email me if you try it and let me know how it went. Efkhatheesto/ Thank you Enjoy!

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