Star Trek Original Series Sim/ RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Assistant Engineer , Midshipman Moonshadows, Felinoid, female

Title: In the Dark
Stardate: 2000805.01
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Main Engineering

Foot steps... strange scents... people claiming to be friendly... her instincts and training led her to the gangbarred main breakers...

A voice warned her to wait, she did not recognize it. She started for the panel to set the buffers... but she sensed hostility, whoever was walking around felt... wrong. She pounced but was evaded... a fight ensued, in which she was coming off a bad third. She managed to hit the breakers, but engineering stayed dark....

She was missed by a phaser burst, connected and hurt one, went down and went for the other... got him but was cut badly.

This was not going well...

Title: After the Fight
Stardate: 2000806.05
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Main Engineering

The fight had ended... in the young engineer's favor. The intruder was out for a while, and she went looking for something to restrain him. She groped her way to a locker, which yielded a handlight and phaser... she felt better, though the leg wound ached... and bled. She held the light to the knee... red glistening matting her fur. She winced... the wound did not look too bad, but she was going to have to lick it clean...

A noise... she whirled, playing the light about. It shone on a small mechanism... a droid of some kind.

It did not seem threatening... she fell to talking to it as she continued looking around Engineering.

She checked the unconscious man again, he was still out... not felling charitable, she took a vicious chop at the junction of his neck with the edge of her hand. He was staying down! Moon was not felling well... her ship was hurt, her engineering team was unconscious or missing and she was going to have to go outside to disable the Luminix. To top it off, some strange little droid was wandering about scratching at the bulkhead panels.

The mech would not respond to commands to ID, it only beeped. Great... she heard more noises... a plop, scratching... she advanced, only to be brought up short as the droid clamped on to her leg... as if in need of comfort. She sniffed... someone... in the crew... not sure who.

"Do not be afraid little one," she said to the bot, " Just don't be in the way.

The Bot scurried away.

"I am Moonshadows to Ennien! Who is there?"

A familiar figure walked into the light... ensign Hanson, not another enemy... "Is it only you?" He asked...

Moon said, whiskers spread in a smile, "Only me... and an intruder I subdued... get a light and phaser from the locker, and please get me a medikit!"

Hanson came fully into the light, listening as Moonshadows grumped about the leg. He asked to see it, and as she complained about having to lick it clean, he demanded she did NOT lick that...

She smelled someone else, called out but no one responded. Hanson returned with the kit, and with remarkable skill injected a pain killer, antibiotics and closed.

"You can get the scars fixed later."

The little droid cautiously approached again, as if it were afraid of being yelled at... Hanson did not know what it was... a mystery for later.

She explained there was an energy filed damper on the hull and she was going to have to go out after it, Hanson disagreed... and he had the rank...

Title: More intruders
Stardate: 2000807.10
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Main Engineering

It had been a climb... lugging the unconcious intruder up the ladder in the tube, but the Sivaoan was stronger than one would guess, from her slight frame and five foot height.

When she reached level 7 she heard voices. Tired from the climb, she made a decision... perhaps there would be help, her leg hurt and she was losing her usual sunny disposition.

She popped the access cover and shoved the man out on to the deck, eeling out after him. It was totally dark... deja vu... there was a flash of light, as a phaser was fired at her... thankfully missing by a wide margin! SHe marked the location of a hostile, stretced and demanded an identification... and did not hesitate to leap, screeching.

She connected, knocked and intruder back, claws scraping on body armor and helmet visor. Nonetheless, she pressedthe attack, looking for an opening, angered in pain and in no mood to play fair. She got her hands on the edges of the helmet the intruder was wearing and tried removing his head. The intruder objected and put up a good fight in return.

Again, there was the angry w hine of a phaser. The beam grazed her arm and reflected off the helmet... her arm went numb and she lurched to her feet, launching a two footed flying kick she had learned in Star Fleet defense classes. She missed and slammed down on all fours.

Unseen, a third man had crept up and was dragging off the first intruder she had dropped... meanwhile, Moonshadows leapt on the first man and went for a decapitation. He head butted her and she fell back.

Her leg hurt, her breath was knocked out and her leg was stiff and sore. Outnumbered, out gunned and in the dark.

She held her position and panted....

Title: Up the Tube....
Stardate: 2000807.17
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Main Engineering

The intruders had opened fire, Moonshadows had retreated and been hit with a stunbeam.... She staggered but her feline metabolism was not what the weapon had been tuned to. She dodged and remembered her own phaser... she opened fire but didn't manage to hit anything.... Or perhaps the body armor was proof against her fire.

She fired again, unaware that a third enemy was dragging off the unconscious man she has dropped. Again she was hit, stunshock rattled her nerves, left her groggy... but the felinoid remained on her feet, firing until the phaser started showing signs of power pack failure... she snarled and held down the firing stud, fanning the beam on wide, back on narrow... wide again. She hurt, the phaser shock had aggravated the pain in her leg... but she grimly advanced.

One of the voices yelled, "Plan Iota Lambda!" and there was a click and clatter... a small device rolled near her and began to make electronic noises.

Clumsily she dodged to the side, the device contrived to follow her. With dragging steps, she made her way to the Jeffries tube and dove in, catching the ladder rungs with her tail and one hand... her phaser dropped and clattered to the bottom deck.

The device skittered into the tube and down the wall, obviously following the phaser power source... came to the bottom of the tube as Moonshadows decided UP was the way to go... she had a bad feeling about this....

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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