Star Trek Original Series Sim/ RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Assistant Engineer , Midshipman Moonshadows, Felinoid, female

Title: Aftermath
Stardate: 2000808.07
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Jeffries Tube

She had managed to escape the small device which propelled itself past her, when she dived into the personnel shaft. It seemed to track on the phaser she had dropped.

It went down the shaft, on the wall... Moonshadows went up. She wanted no part of whatever it was. Five limbs (counting tail) held on to the ladder rungs... and the situation became worse again. As one hand lost its grip, something large was dropped straight at her down the tube! She hunched her shoulder and plastered herself to the bulkhead. Just what was happening on this ship?

The falling object became a pressure suited figure, bashed her a good one, and grabbed her bad leg. She was nearly torn loose from the ladder, hung on grimly. Groped, caught the rung with the loose hand.

"Grab the ladder and hang on!" the Sivaoan said. "THEN I will decide who you are."

The suited person emitted a string of very bad words, flailed for the ladder, Moon swung him toward it and he got a grip... she sighed as the weight went off her abused leg. Then he thanked the felinoid.... who recognzed the muffled tones as Ensign Hanson's voice....

Moon explained she had not gotten to Sickbay, as she had heard voices and stopped... there was a fight, there was a bomb, and did they have to hang there in the shaft?

Mr. Hanson replied flippantly, slipped and Moonshadows caught him with her tail... he recovered and they climbed on to the next deck. Moon popped the access panel and dragged Hanson into the dark with her. She hurt. She was stressed, and she was not well.

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