Star Trek Original Series Sim/ RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Assistant Engineer , Midshipman Moonshadows, Felinoid, female

Title: In the Dark
Stardate: 2000101.03
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Main Engineering

She was sick, dizzy... she had awakened from whatever had knocked out the crew only to find herself on the deck in engineering... and not enough light for even her feline night sight to work.

Foot steps... strange scents... people claiming to be friendly... her instincts and training led her to the gangbarred main breakers...

A voice warned her to wait, she did not recognize it. She started for the panel to set the buffers... but she sensed hostility, whoever was walking around felt... wrong. She pounced but was evaded... a fight ensued, in which she was coming off a bad third. She managed to hit the breakers, but engineering stayed dark....

She was missed by a phaser burst, connected and hurt one, went down and went for the other... got him but was cut badly.

This was not going well...

Title: In the Dark
Stardate: 2000805.22
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Main Engineering

It had been a tussle... Moonshadows had fought two unknowns and won, one beaming out, one succumbing to a sleeper hold on his carotids after she had tracked his scent in the dark.

Before the second man... human, he was, had gone under, Moonshadows had used her claws to intimidate him into revealing his name, rank and that he was in Galsec... she surmised he meant Galactic Security in military speak... and that there was an outlawed Luminix suppression device on Eagle's hull, damping her power.

She tightened her hold on his arteries and put him under, then, using her eidetic memory of the layout of engineering, went to a locker and got a hand light.

She would strip and secure the man, then, if she could not summon help, would go EVA herself to disable the Luminix. She hated the pressure suit, it the attached sleeve on the back weighed her tail down, and made it useless for gripping... but she had a duty to her ship and crew.

She wondered if there were other intruders... best she get power on if she could and then go find out.

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