Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Captain's Logs: First Course or First Contact?

Title: CAPTAIN'S  LOG: STARDATE 200506.15, Supplemental
Location: The Star Light Road
Setting: Stasis Room

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos opens the frequency to contact Commander Unstoffe to update him on the possible dangers we are facing onboard the shuttle and perhaps back on the Eagle. Then he updates the duty log ..

STARDATE 200506.15, Supplemental

'Captain here. Supplemental.  The CMO has determined that this is no longer a stasis room for the Vulcan/ Proto Romulan colonists but has become something else. She believes that it is a way for someone or something to store sentient beings as food. The controls are no longer set to maintain life but to preserve ... flesh. There are a wide variety of species here. Speculation: They are from other ships caught in the worm hole. We will get some preliminary data from this to determine the size, immediacy and scope of the threat and proceed immediately to join the others. Kematsopoulos out.'

   End log."

The Captain turns to the CMO, " All right we need to determine how old or active this is, how much of a current threat this poses to the crew, catalog as much as we can in a short time and get back to the others ASAP."

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