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Captain Kematsopoulos, CO and LCDR Unstoffe, CSEC


Title: Joint Log: STARDATE 200510.05
Location: The Star Light Road, Derelict two, D2
Setting: Main Engineering Room (CSEC) and Stasis Room (CO)

In the main engineering room of the Star Light Road, LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe decides that it's time to update the CO on the status of his teams efforts with the second booby trap.   The CSEC had ended his last report just as they had found this new challenge.

Activating his communicator Unstoffe reports, "CSEC to CO. Sir, just wanted to bring you up to date.  The booby trap is mobile and has attached itself to Ensign Winthorpe's face plate."

The Captain groans still propping Glenn up and replies via the personal comm system of his protective suit to the Chief of Security. "You haven't disarmed it yet? What does it look like?" he asks as Glenn slips again.

The CMO groans now also and says, "Keep him still!"

Sensing the dismay in the CO's voice, Unstoffe quickly responds, "It's kinda like a spider.  I am transmitting the tricorder data we have now."

The Captain asks, "Skittery thing? Many appendages and/or tentacles? Ooooof!" He clearly seemed to have some idea of what the thing may be but lost his breath and anything else he might have said as Glenn slides down again.

The CMO curses in her native tongue coming up with a few new ones the CO doesn't recognize but knows her well enough to know that its best not to ask.

The Captain shakes his head and reacts quickly, catching Glenn again.

"That's it I think. Resolution is bad. Looks like it took a some good hits during the last two millennia. Operates via frequency controls. Place may be littered with them," the Captain informs and cautions, finally getting Glenn into a stable position. He breathes a sigh of relief for that but then focuses on the arnwahk problem.

He thinks to himself, ~~  Poor ((deadshirt er I mean))  Winthorpe...What is it with these new people and pets?? ~~

The CO contacts Ensign Winthorpe, leaving CSEC's frequency still active and asks, "What can you see lad? Can you transmit it? How are you holding up?"

Ensign Winthorpe replies, "I see . . . I see I am in deep doo, sir. Holding as best as possible. I see pieces are dangling out, including, I think, a detonator and a seam that looks like it might be the access panel. I am not good with tech sir..." He moves very carefully pushing a few buttons on sleeve, "OK sir, transmitting now . . ."

"Hang in there," the CO says upon seeing the underside of the device clearly, but it is unclear whether he is encouraging the Ensign or the device.

"I recognize it. It will be over shortly," he says reassuringly to the Ensign.

Ensign Winthorpe thinks, ~~ I am not sure whether that is good or bad...~~

The CO shuts the channel of Winthorpe off and speaks to CSEC, "Confirmed, old arnwahk. Here's what you do. You will transmit a frequency that I will send you.  This is it's "snooze" control. It will go into a hiber mode until it receives its wake up call. Frequency dependent also. All its frequency controls are outside the range of Vulcan hearing . . . Oh, and you could have also used the purple fibers from the ghantu plant if you need to in the future do that.  Didn't that turn up in your search?"

Sheepishly, the CSEC mumbles, "We did find some fuzz that was a purple color, but I didn't think much of it at the time.  Just seems like a bit of poor housekeeping."

The Captain  ignores that for now and warns instead, "You'll need someone to catch it as it looks like key components to trigger the detonation have fallen through its belly. It is important that everyone turns their receivers off for this. It may cause temporary deafness if you hear it over your internal comms in these particular suits."

The CO continues, "You'll need to make sure they turn the personal comms right back on, so arrange a visual signal. Let me know when you are ready."

"Aye, sir," CSEC says.

The CO finishes, "Send a status report after transmission. Oh, by-the-way, CMO says there's something running around here that not just twenty minutes ago deposited Glenn here and is using this place to store, er, food. We are taking Glenn to the shuttle. He's still alive."

He pauses for effect, but only briefly, and says, "We are not alone. Continue the mission with all due precautions and haste. "  

Back on more familiar ground, Unstoffe responds sharply, "Aye, Kaptein.  I understand.  We've got a perimeter set up and will stay alert for any surprises."

Turning back to everyone in the room, Unstoffe briefs his team, "Okay, the Kaptein will transmit a signal to put the device into "suspend" mode.  We'll need to turn off our receivers to avoid being deafened by his signal."

Ensign Richards promptly complies, "No prob, sir," and readies to shut off her receivers.

Continuing, "Also, we need to catch it when if falls or the damage it has suffered already may cause it to detonate when it hits the deck."  He looks directly at Ensign Richards.  "Leah, get in position to catch it."

Ensign Richards gingerly steps forward and acknowledges the order,  "OK ."

Like Leah, Unstoffe puts one finger on his receiver switch and then informs the CO, "Okay, Kaptein, we are ready.  I'll turn my receiver off for 5 minutes once you acknowledge this report."

LCDR Unstoffe hears the Captain's countdown begin.

"Transmission in 3 seconds, 1 . . .  2 . . ."  the CO voice booms as CSEC turns off his receiver.

The Captain transmits the hibernate signal. (( It sounds like this

Just as Captain Kematsopoulos finishes, he detects something or someone attempting to enter.  Grabbing Glenn, he rapidly heads out of the room and tries to let his CSEC know what's going on, even though he knows he may never get the message.

"Something's coming got to g . . ."  Abruptly, the transmission ends.    

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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