Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Admiral Flayton
Commanding Officer, Starfleet Region Six

Title: The Eye of Evil, Part Eight
Location:  Starfleet Region Six Head Quarters
Setting: Admiral Flayton's Office

Admiral Flayton is in his office at his large heavy desk, dozing off.

LT George enters Admiral Flayton's Office. He is almost relieved to find the Admiral napping.  It gave him a moment to prepare himself for the inevitable reaction to the bad news he had to deliver.  Taking a deep breath, he choses to deliver the report in as direct and short a manner as possible. "Admiral, we have lost a ship!"

"Lost?" the Admiral bellows. "How do you lose a ship?" The last vestiges of slumber slough off his face.

"Unaccounted for, Admiral.  The USS Eagle's transponder has disappeared off all sensor grids and has failed to respond to any hails.  Her last known position was in the vicinity of Liarra Mishtosh.  She does not register on any scan and an anomaly has appeared in the area.  The Black Point has been dispatched to investigate.  By Starfleet regulations, we must list her as missing and presumed lost," the young man hastily explains.

"Eagle? The ship that was to pick up the spy and defector?" he asks after a short pause.

"Yes, sir," the Lieutenant replies.

"Silverwolf? Is he safe?" Admiral Flayton asks using the code word and not name for the spy.

"We do not believe so, sir. Last we know he was successfully picked up at Liaarra Mishtosh as you arranged using the Eagle's BSP (Brief Stop for Personnel) as cover," the Lieutenant says and braces himself stiffly for the response.

"[Profanities] We need that man! Pick him up, if possible. Divert any ship in the Region. Maybe there is an escape pod? We have to get him before the others," he warns.

"And the crew of the Eagle?" LT George asks perplexed that it seemed unimportant to the Admiral even for appearances sake.

Admiral Flayton pauses for a second and says gruffly, "...Yes, them too."

"I have their last message, sir," George offers.

"Very well," Flayton says gruffly as the vein in his forehead begins to throb.

LT George plays the message. ( You can view here The Admiral looks up after the message ends.

"Aliens? Romulans? Klingons? Orions? The whole galaxy would like to get their hands on this man. Most for the intel and a few to make sure he never gets the chance to tell anyone what he knows. What aliens?"

"I don't know sir. The Eagle's Captain did not name them. From the other logs and his last message, they appear to be incorporeal life forms using some unknown method to control the minds of the Eagle crew. Telepathic races and those who have had telepathic experiences are most affected according to the message."

"You mean Vulcans weren't immune for some unknown reason?" the Admiral asks, nearly snickering.

"Yes, sir," he replies.

"By golly that's a first...First Contact?" he shifts tracks and jumps ahead. "Do you think we are dealing with some new alien race?" the Admiral says, waxing a bit thoughtful for a moment.

"I don't know, sir, but I think the probability is high," the Lieutenant ventures.

"Anything else?" the Admiral asks briskly, clearly wanting to do something else.

"No sir," the young man replies.

"OK. Get moving on that. Send and file the SIR (Serious Incident Report). I have some important work and can't be disturbed," the Admiral orders.

"Yes, sir," the Lieutenant salutes and leaves.

The door shuts and locks automatically behind him.

OOC Note: Contrast with the story in progress with the Empress hearing the news
Another update to this part of the storyline is planned.

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