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House History:Abridged Version

The ancient Klingon proverb, "qaStaHvsIS wa'ram loS SaD Hugh SljlaH qetboqh loD"
(Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man.), is based on a true story.

House of Kemat, tuq qimat, is an exceedingly old and honorable house which can trace its lineage back to the time of Kahless. Going back to the legends of old, where the founder of the house, qimat, IS the running man who killed four thousand that glorious night.

Images of Famous Historic Members of Our Klingon House:

Face of Klang, Klingon house, House of Kemat

Klang, House of Kemat

Human/Klingon Fusion

Image circa 2268

Stat Trek Original Series Television Era

(Image is based on the talented work of Shane Johnson)

Klang is the offspring of a Krang, a Klingon father and Tanquia Nordstrom, a Human mother.

Klingons who have made the mistake of thinking he is physically weaker for having a human parent have quickly learned to their defeat the opposite.

His human mother was neither of the weaker race nor weaker sex but the product of the grand children of genetic engineering going back right before the time of the Terran's Eugenics Wars. Because of her genetic makeup, programming and personal preferences, she was very unhappy on Earth pretending to be one of "the sheep" and left green pastures for rugged hunting grounds beyond the limits of Federation space and Federation law.

She met Klang's father, Krang, at an outpost near the neutral zone. She was immediately attracted and set her sights on him, having finally found a male she believed worthy of her and providing suitable genetic material for her offspring of which she wanted many. It was not long before they married. Several years later Klang was born, the first of five brothers and sisters.

One of the most obvious defining physical features of this fierce warrior is his blue eyes. Although they appear human in color there is something odd about their shape that seems to be accentuated when he becomes angry or excited in battle. These alien (Human) eyes appear more animal than sentient at those times, seemingly denying both ancestries and reverting back to something more feral - more primitive predatory feline in appearance. It can be disturbing even to an opponent who is expecting it. As one defeated Klingon warrior put it, "It was like staring into the eyes of a condemned ghost fighting to regain a chance at Sto-Vo-Kor, so forceful, eerie and resolute, was his countenance and those ferocious animal battle eyes of his...If they were not an unholy blue, I would have believed that Fehklar himself had come for me."

(Note: Blue eye dominance were one of the genetic "accomplishments" of Dr. Sarina Kaur. She tried to make the recessive trait of blue eyes dominant by manipulating the alleles and irises but was killed before accomplishing making it achievable for more than a few generations. We do not know if the shape of the eyes and irises was a deliberate choice on Dr. Kaur's part (who much admired the Terran lion) or a by-product of the excessive and unnatural measures needed to try to program the blue eye trait to be dominant.)

Having suffered as an outcast from his mixed parentage, Klang wanted to make a name for himself in the Klingon Empire as a great warrior and add many new worlds to it, including those of the Federation who persecute his mother's people (Genetically Enhanced Humans, GEH) and are a nuisance to his father's race.

Through many brave battles, he conquers several worlds. Many songs are sung of his great deeds (not mentioning that he is half human of course) and Klang joins House of Kemat. Thus, the one last thing he wanted was achieved, membership in an ancient and honorable Klingon House, House of Kemat. (Stories of Battles- Coming soon!)


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