This is a page for the Klingon House, tuq qimat (House of Kemat) and our House Members. It is in progress.

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tuq qimat (House of Kemat)

Member Page for our Klingon House

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House History: Abridged Version

The ancient Klingon proverb, "qaStaHvsIS wa'ram loS SaD Hugh SljlaH qetboqh loD"
(Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man.), is based on a true story.

House of Kemat, tuq qimat, is an exceedingly old and honorable house which can trace its lineage back to the time of Kahless. Going back to the legends of old, where the founder of the house, qimat, IS the running man who killed four thousand that glorious night.

House Members:

Son of Nouri
Leader, House of Kemat

Son of Brawnour
Former Leader, House of Kemat
Foully murdered by enemies  
Assists son from beyond the grave   

Daughter of Gustav
Second, House of Kemat
Fearsome warrior
Best friend to Kemat

Face of Zural, Captain of the House Guard for the Klingon house, House of Kemat
Zural, daughter of Kru
Captain of the House Guard
Out of Character Roles:
Guardian of Grammar
Co-Editor for a new upcoming Klingon Newsletter
See her Klingon costume!
Not available
Guardian of the House Blood
Not available

Age: 18
Location: Academy

Not available
Age: 25
Occupation: Security, Gunner
Face of Mara
Age: 28
Status: Applicant

House Colors:

Neon Green: "Victory Shining"

The green color has many meanings: victory, nature, fertility, and holiness. The shade of green is neon. Neon green is the green light of victory shining out in the darkness. This is the raw edge of victory shining as if right before dawn. It is not a soothing relaxing green of victory achieved and the feeling of dulled complacency that may happen after a victory. The neon green is a call to action. It is a call to participate. A call to make honorable deeds. It is a wake up call green if you will, an exortation to arouse yourself from slumber and act. (If one thinks about victory in the many ways one can "win" or have a race or battle or struggle, you can see how the other meanings of nature, fertility (productivity) and holiness can be incorporated just that one word victory.)

Bright Red: "Undaunted Courage"

The red color has many meanings: courage, passion, fire, fame, happiness, revolution, heroic valor, high energy, and vitality. The shade of red is bright. It is as vibrant as the green shade for it takes strong courage to fight the good fight and obtain victory. There is happiness and fulfilment in such a battle well fought and won.

Deep Black: "Defeating One's Enemies"-In Progress!

House Entrants:

tuq qimat is seeking interested applicants to join with this old and noble house. Please contact NouriKemat@aol.com

Allied Houses

The House of K'leevas
The House of Inigan
The House of SepIch
More coming soon!

Klingon Logo as used in our Klingon House and Klingon sim

Glory to the Klingon Empire!

If you are interested in joining my Klingon House or have questions email me at NouriKemat@aol.com and put "tuq qimat" in the subject heading.

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