Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

LT Harry Sullivan
(On loan from the Royal Navy ;o) Spoof on Dr. Who from non Star Trek Science Fiction)

Duty Logs: Medical
Title:  STARDATE 200601.05
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: LT Sullivan's Office in Sickbay

LT Sullivan looked troubled as he sat at his desk staring at an old medical record that had arrived from Star Fleet Archives mere hours ago.  His just ended discussion with Captain Fango had only deepened his conundrum.  After pausing to compose his thoughts, he spoke, "Computer, begin log."

Medical Officer's Log - LT Harry Sullivan, AMO, reporting.

This is Assistant Medical Officer Sullivan, private log.  Doctor-patient confidentiality invoked.
I have learned that one of my patients, Captain Harrison Beaurgard Fango, is not who he purports to be.  I came by this information from a DNA sample I sent to Star Fleet Medical Archives when a regular computer search came up blank on     Captain Fango's name.  At the time the patient was unconscious and I sought additional information that might aid in his treatment. Initial indications were that the DNA search would fail as well, and I treated and released the patient. Several hours later a record matching the DNA arrived.
The record was made by none other than the famous Dr. Leonard McCoy (I once had the pleasure of hearing a guest lecture he delivered to my Academy class). The record dated from Stardate 4513.3 and related to a psychological evaluation done by Dr. McCoy prior to sentencing the patient for some crime which was not enumerated. It was clear from the medical record that this was the same man now calling himself "Captain Fango".  He may be a little more portly, a little more bald, and a little grayer, but the face, including the mustache, remains the same.

I chose to confront "Captain Fango" with this information in the hopes that he would explain himself and voluntarily divulge this information to the XO.  He would have nothing to do with this and frankly seemed a little disinterested that I had found out his secret. He claims to be a changed man and the new identity merely protects him from his past. Instead, he invoked doctor-patient privilege and said that as I had the information from his medical records I couldn't reveal it without breaking my oath. For the time being, I have told him I would not tell the XO provided he posed no threat to the Eagle.

I am now having second thoughts.  I do not really believe that doctor patient confidentiality extends to deliberate deceptions by the patient.  I feel I must discuss this matter privately with the CMO and seek her opinion.
       Sullivan out.

Harry turned from his desk with a resolute look on his face and ventured out in search of the CMO.

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