A new Star Trek PBEM RPG is being formed

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Sanctuary One, planet of refuge shown with main settlement dome in blue water
The Dome of Sanctuary One

The Star Trek RPG, "Sanctuary", is series of worlds designated as safe havens for operatives who have left the "Service" for them to recover and reclaim their lives.

The Sanctuary is open to Starfleet Intelligence officers, informants, former agents from different organizations and others.

While there are those noble souls trying to help others on these planets, there are always others in the galaxy looking to turn a good deed into something evil or looking to kill or thwart those who have come to start new lives to make sure they won't succeed. So be careful!

This Star Trek role playing game takes place in the late 24th Century in the post Star Trek TNG and Star Trek Deep Space Nine time frame.

Star Trek Sanctuary is a Star Trek RPG email game without a minimum posting requirement.

Whether your Star Trek character or characters come for rest, to be a part of the planetary base of operations or to discover mysteries and fight tyrannies and evils is up to you in this Star Trek RPG.

You may send your characters here to recover, heal and recuperate and let them stay on, move from planet to planet or leave to another game as needed. Just let the GM know ahead of time please to coordinate different events and get your bio approved.

If you have a ship that would like to be associated with this game, we can make room for it. Please contact us to ask how or ask other questions.

Email for details.

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