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Crew's Logs: Leah Richards

LTjg Richards
Personal Log 200602.26

It was a very ugly thing to wake up to, really. The frame was one of those popsicle things kids in camp had made since the dawn of time. Globs of dried glue decorated the splintering wood and a few stubborn specks of glitter remained. The really ugly bit was the picture glued to the popsicle sticks. Her parents. To be fair, they were still young and thin. They even looked happy. But when Leah's eyes fell on it all she saw was the angry shadows peeked at under her bed room door. The walls magnified and echoed the yelling. She didn't remember what they yelled about, just the way it reverberated through the house like distant thunder. She'd spent a lot of time under the bed with the music turned up loud, just to balance the voices.

Leah knocked the picture over in the process of batting the off button on the alarm clock. That wasn't a particularly pleasant thing to wake up to either. Usually she watched the numbers flip from 06:25 to 06:29 before turning it off, and sparing herself the alarm. But after the away mission to the Red Dwarf she'd stayed up late dealing with a certain stowaway, so she'd over slept by 5 minutes. Speaking of that stowaway... "Bob? Where'd ja get to?"

'Bob'. She smiled. There had been a semi-feral tabby cat living off the school dumpster when she was in grade school. Most of the kids had chased it at recess. But one day the dumb thing had run and hide behind her instead of under the nearest bush. One of the boys had been bold enough to go after it anyways... he'd gone home early with a bloody nose and busted glasses. After that Bob was her best friend, and no one bugged him. Of course she hadn't named him right away. For almost a year he was just 'cat'. But then one day her Dad's friend had come for dinner. It was one of the few really happy dinners they'd had. A barbeque. Mom had been pleasant. Dad and Bob had talked sports, played catch. So the 'cat' became 'Bob'. Until Bob had kittens.

But this robot one was likely to be a pest. "Prob'ly a mistake bringing you here. And you're little girlfriend." At least robots could (presumably) take care of themselves. Though she'd have to find a way to lock the door. Leah straightened the blankets and smoothed to top cover carefully. Beds were easy to keep neat, laundry was another matter. Finding a fresh uniform was always interesting. Somehow, the clean stuff never got to be hung and the dirty stuff tended to look a lot like the clean un-hung stuff (she'd never quite gotten the process of folding down). Leah arbitrarily grabbed one off the top of the pile and headed for the shower.

She washed, dressed, and tied her hair back in a quick pony tail. Then she grabbed one last, but crucial thing. A silver chain with a minuscule horse pendant. A birthday present. The last one before Dad had left. She tucked it into her uniform jacket and hurried out.

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