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The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Crew's Logs: Leah Richards

Midshipmen Richards
Personal Log 200505.23

Midshipmen Richards slouched into her shared quarters and was glad to find it empty. Dictating a log was in her mind a private, personal thing. Bad enough having to make official logs- dictating a private one in front of someone else would be worse than a math final! School was another thing she did not delight in. The security officer slumped into the chair in front of her computer desk and thumbed the power button. She gnawed on her lip for a moment before

"I think I just broke a whole slew of regulations. I uh... lemme start at the beginning....

My first day on duty and the ship's attacked, at least things weren't boring. These 'beings' use some kind of telepathic ability to control people or make them hallucinate. I- I heard things while I was on duty. Anyways, the beings
managed to send the ship through a wormhole into ... well, a ship graveyard. I was back on the bridge by then and I helped Lieutenant Commander Unstoffe search the graveyard for ship's with salvageable parts to make repairs. The
ship we wound up on was... weird.

It appears to be empty of biological life forms, but we encountered several animate machines. Which brings me back to the whole breaking reg's thing... One of the mechanical beings, Bob, helped us find the ship's manifest so we
could pick what we needed more easily. My only defense for bringing Bob, and his um 'wife', back is that he DID help us out. And he hasn't threatened us, er- overtly threatened us. If we're going to get out of this place Bob might be helpful in figuring out how. And it's kinda nice having a friend on board. Computer, end log."

Leah cleared her throat and thumbed the computer back off quickly. She just hoped when the Captain found out he didn't have her thrown in the Brig immediately.

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