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image of Turethian Ambassador Releth, a character in our Star Trek Sim

The Ambassador Releth*
by Hana Says

I sit sniveling in my cell, mortified by what I have done.

What came over me? I do not understand. It was a rage that I am unaccustomed to, a rage that overwhelmed me - something I could not control. I am ashamed. Not since I was yound have I been unable to reign in my anger - even in the most extreme of circumstances. And yet, I lost that control over something so... trivial. My cheeks burn with my shame. I cannot control that, either.

Oh, oh, oh! My anguish is great! I have failed more than myself! I have failed my people! Such a delicate mission, of such great importance, entrusted to me - and I shattered it! Shattered it over my own personal emotion! Do my individual emotions matter to my people and their future? I think not! And to add evil to my ills, I attacked a friend! Granted, I had only recently come to know the Captain Kematsopoulos, and only very recently to build our friendship beyond mere professional friendliness, but he is a good man. He is a strong and kind man. He is a noble man. Even when I struck him, he did not strike me back. He said no such unkind words as I did. I am ashamed. I want him to come here - no I don't. I would be mortified! All the same, I want him to come here so that I can apologize from the depths of my wicked heart. What came over me? We got along so well! His very presence had enraged me so. It had enraged me almost as much as if he were a Galadon! Why did I want to choke that strange blue light out of his eyes...?

Enough tears! I have forgotten that I cannot afford the luxury of self-pity. I sit up, wipe the wetness from my cheeks, and begin to compose myself. Enough with this disgusting sniveling. This is not the way for an Ambassador to act. If I must face the Captain, then I will do so decently and properly.

* This log describes the unusual reaction that Ambassador Releth had to the Captain's mutation into the race his people hate most- the Galadons! We later find out in the story that the two races have a biological incompatibility that induces feelings of violence and rage towards each other. For now all we know is that the Ambassador went to the bridge to find out why the course was changed, became affected/infected by the Captain's Galadonese biology and then tried to punch out the Captain. He sits now with his thoughts alone in the brig as this log unfolds.

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