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Title: An Unexpected Detour, Part Four
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos was back on the bridge when he received an important message from the Eagle's new CMO, Dr. Laleia-Lii. It finally looked like the CO of The Rigellian Star Adventurer would regain consciousness. Currently, Kematsopoulos had only suspicions and guesses as to who attacked the Star but no facts. The ship and sensor logs had been damaged, most possibly deliberately.

Captain Kematsopoulos left the XO in charge and went to Sickbay. Upon arrival he noticed how the wounded and injured no longer streamed into the hallways. The Eagle was fortunate to have such a skilled CMO. She had come onboard just two days ago, one of the victims of the attack on the passenger liner.

The Captain was hoping the CO of the Star would live and tell him what happened. He entered Sickbay and smiled when he saw the CMO.

"How is he?" Nouri asked concerned. He saw that the Star's CO was drifting in and out of consciousness.

The CMO was standing over the CO of the Star. She looked up. "Well ... more like..." The patient was unconscious again.

It was then that the CMO noticed the Captain's medical condition. With the heavy causalities from the attack, they had barely even met.

The Doctor peered at the CO. "Sir, you're looking rather ill," she told him as
she ran a scan on him. "Hmm," she thought out loud to herself.

The Captain was a bit annoyed at the fussing and tried to explain, "It doesn't really matter. Not much can be done."

"How are your remaining patients?" he changed the subject back to what was important to him.

"Most of the patients have been stabilized," she replied.

Nouri smiled, "Good."

"Sir," she began, "perhaps I'd better run some more tests. I am going to do some more in-depth scans." She adjusted the settings on her medical tricorder.

"Sir, your blood proteins are VERY abnormal," Dr. Laleia-Lii said pulling up the CO's medical history.

Captain Kematsopoulos sighed, "Yes. Yes, and other things too. It does not matter."

"How is the Star's helmsman?" he tried to shift back to more pressing matters.

"He is stable and resting. Here, let me run a few tests," she replied refusing to be thrown off track.

The CO groaned inwardly. He knew she was just doing her job but there was so much for her to do now. He felt it wrong that she was taking time away from the other patients who had a chance for survival. He knew he was dying and that not much could be done about it. This was a waste of her precious time, he thought, but he stayed still hoping the Star's CO would regain consciousness.

Dr. Laleia-Lii began to get other medical testing equipment out and pulled up Captain Kematsopoulos' medical records. They were incomplete and had not been updated.

"Sir, I looked up your medical records. Judging from what I found there, and the results of these scans, something is very wrong. It would help if you told me," the good doctor said.

The Captain sighed again, "Yes. Quite a bit is wrong. It's all from the Ankhannahstoi . . ."

"Ankhanna-wha?" she interrupted.

"An ancient Galadonese ritual," he tried to explain. She did not know the story yet. The Captain felt he might as well tell her now. She was not going to let this slide.  Laleia-Lii had a reputation for being tenacious. That was one of the reasons he wanted her as the Eagle's CMO. He resigned himself to explain it all to her. He believed that as soon as she realized that there was no
chance to save him, she could get back to the other patients.

"Well, apparently, this ritual has caused your DNA to mutate, and it is continuing to do so.  You are quite ill, sir," she said.

"Yes, I know. Side effects from the aborted ritual," he said. He did not tell her that another side effect was believed to be his feeling of love for the Empress and his intense desire to be with her at all costs. Instead, he started the story of how the ritual came to be and what happened.

"I was injured and nearly died. The Empress used the ritual to save my life but it was interrupted."

He left out the part of how he became injured. The Captain had been protecting the "Lady Alara", who no one knew at the time was really the "Empress of All Galadon". Terrorists had bombed the royal palace and the ceiling fell in on them. With no time to get to safety, Nouri had shielded her from harm with his own body, taking on serious injuries. Thanks to his quick thinking and sacrifice, she escaped mostly unharmed. To repay the debt, she dragged
the unconscious Captain off to a secret room to begin the ancient ritual to save his life. His blood loss and injuries were severe and life threatening. Nouri was dying and there was no time to get him to a doctor. The ritual had been the only way to save his life but things went wrong, very wrong.

"It may have been used to save your life, but now. . ." she began but did not finish. Her quick mind raced ahead to solving this and saving him. "Do you have any information on this ritual? Any at all?  Anything - even the smallest detail - would be immensely helpful," she continued.

"Yes," Nouri replied. He reluctantly tapped terminal and retrieved information for CMO. He pulled up his records from his stay at Galadon Twelve's temple and hospital. He also brought up history of the ritual and every scrap of data on it he collected, even old Galadonese fairy tales on the subject.

She quickly downloaded the info into her tricorder and frowned as she saw the data scroll by.

A report from the bridge interrupted the CO and CMO's conversation.

"Sir, we have the Star's black box aboard now," CDR Cline informed him.

"Excellent! Begin a full analysis at once. Maybe we can fill in the missing pieces of the logs. Also check for that possible cloaked ship. I want to know how long it has been following the Star and if it is still around," ordered the Captain.
"Sir, I'll assign a team to compile the data," replied the Executive Officer.
"Good. Keep me informed," Captain Kematsopoulos said.

The Captain looked up from the comm and saw the Turethian Ambassador looking for him.

"Oh, no," Nouri thought. He remembered what happen the last time they met. . .

Title:An Unexpected Detour, Part Five
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

Ambassador Releth entered Sickbay to talk to the CO. He wanted to apologize for his previous behavior towards the Captain.    

The Captain saw Ambassador Releth and flinched inwardly. He wanted to leave Sickbay quickly now. The last time they met, the Ambassador had begun to attack him physically. With Nouri's extensive martial arts background, he could have easily subdued him then, but he chose not to fight. Besides being wrong, it was simply bad form for the CO hosting peace negotiations to haul off and hit the leading diplomat from one of the warring parties.

This was all very unusual because before the CO's DNA began to mutate and he started becoming Galadonese, he and the Ambassador were friends. Nouri did not understand it, but somehow becoming more and more Galadonese seemed to trigger feelings of hatred and aggression from the Tureth Ambassador. And somehow he felt the same towards his friend.
The Tureth and the Galadons were almost at war again. They had come to the USS Eagle for peace negotiations. It had failed miserably with both sides becoming irrational and fights breaking out all over the ship. Nouri wondered if those who fought felt like he did now.

"Sir, I'm going to have to retain you," Dr. Laleia-Lii said to the CO.

Captain Kematsopoulos answered the CMO, "I can understand why you wish me to stay but not much can be done. I am already being treated by Dr. Pangloss."

 If the CO of the Star was not going to regain consciousness, Captain Kematsopoulos was not about to sit around Sickbay with a possible cloaked ship stalking the area. It could be the ship that attacked the Star.

Nouri also knew it was best to leave before the Ambassador and he had a chance to meet. "It is wiser to avoid a fight than to win one." Something he learned as a child when he first began his martial arts training.

"Sir, your life is in danger. You may deny it, but you are VERY ill.  I need to monitor you," she said unwilling to let him leave. She did not know about the strange incident that happened the last time Captain Kematsopoulos met Ambassador Releth.

"Thank you for you concern but with the attack on the Star, the likelihood of a cloaked ship about and our resources stretched to the limit, there are other priorities," Nouri explained as he tried to leave before being spotted by Releth.

 It was too late. Ambassador Releth approached closer to the CO and saw him. The CMO noticed him and that Nouri was trying to avoid him. The Ambassador smiled upon seeing the CO but became oddly angry as he drew nearer to him.

The Captain had similar reactions and feelings. In addition to this, his eyes became itchy and watery. He sneezed. His pulse and heart rate quickened. What was left of his human immune system kicked into high gear for war on some foreign entity.

LCDR Laleia-Lii observed all of this, frowned and turned her tricorder on.

The Captain's adrenaline surged, his fight and flight responses activated, and he grew agitated. He fully realized this was an irrational response and tried to control himself. He tried to excuse himself politely so that he might leave this potential conflict situation.

Captain Kematsopoulos began to sneeze, " Ahh ahhh ahmmbassa choo!"

Ambassador Releth was fighting similar urges. He tried to restrain himself from attacking his friend again. The last time he did he was forcibly escorted by security to the brig. The Ambassador bit his lip and began, "I wanted to apologize for my behavior the other day."

"Thank you. I can understand your desire to go home swiftly. This has been a difficult mission for us all," the Captain replied politely, resisting the strong urge to punch the Ambassador in the jaw for no apparent reason.

Suddenly the lights flashed and the alarms blared. The Eagle went to Red Alert. The Captain need not make an excuse now to leave Sickbay. He ran to the turbolift and headed for the bridge. If his guess was right, the Eagle was facing the cloaked ship that had been in the area. He felt strongly that this could be the ship that so savagely attacked the Star.

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