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Title: An Unexpected Detour, Part Six
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

SWISH! The turbo lift doors open and the Captain enters the bridge. He looks at main view screen and sensor description of the vessel. It was a Galadonese warship!

"This can't be right," he thinks and hopes.

"Status Report Mr. Cline!" the Captain orders.

"We are at red alert. The shields are raised. These folks were the ones cloaked and they've got their guns hot and ready to go," CDR Cline replies, rising from the Captain's chair.

The CO takes his place and reviews the reports, scrolling in. He knows that even if the USS Eagle was not weakened from helping the Rigellian Star Adventurer, she'd be unable to win a full out attack scenario with a Galadonese warship. Small science research vessels just don't have that kind of fire power and shielding. He also knew there were no other ships in the area to come to their aid. To him this looked less winnable than the Kobayashi Maru scenario from the Academy when he first attempted it. He was going to need a lot of luck and cleverness to get the Eagle safely out of this one.

"Sir, permission to target ship with phasers and torpedoes?" Ensign Unstoffe asks.

"Permission granted," he replies.

"Hail them. On screen!" Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos orders. The view screen changes to show the leader of the vessel. Nouri stares in disbelief at the image of the woman he loved, The Empress of All Galadon.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: An Unexpected Detour, Part Seven
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

The image of the Empress appears on screen. She is angry and dressed in her royal robes. Her alien blue eyes angry and blazing.

"We are at war with the Tureth. We do not wish to harm you but we will if you do not accede to our demands. We demand that you deliver the vile animals from Tureth to us immediately for their crimes against the Galadonese people," she demands hotly.

Ensign Unstoffe quickly locks the targeting scanners on Galadonese ship.

The Empress composes herself slightly and leans forward to say, "Nouri there is no choice for you. We can easily destroy your ship, her crew and the other ship as well."

The Captain's face burns with betrayal. He tries to control his emotions and look at the matter rationally. As Nouristao does so, he sees that some things here just do not add up from what he has learned of her and her highly formal and stiff culture. Why is she wearing robes instead of a uniform? Why did she call him by his first name instead of Captain? It would be considered most improper by their standards.

Nouri tries to reach out to her through the bond/link they share to get the answers to the questions he has. His eyes glow bluer from the attempt.

CDR Cline watches the Empress on the view screen intently and looks over to his friend. He sees that Nouri's eyes have grown bluer again. He is totally amazed by his eyes and the mutations that have been taking over the Captain's human DNA. The Captain's eye's are almost as blue as hers and his skin color is now almost as pale as hers. He could not see the other changes raging within the Captain's body.

The Captain strains himself as he reaches out further through the bond/link. Being human this concept of communication is alien to him, but mutating has given him new found abilities. Shortly, he discovers an important part of this puzzle. He learns what is wrong-at least part of it. His emotions shift dramatically and he grows agitated.

"How dare you! We are on a mission of peace and intend on returning the Tureth safely home," he shouts angrily and cuts comms. He hopes this ploy will buy the Eagle some time to prepare.

CDR Cline is however more shocked that the CO lost the control that he was known for. "Captain? What now?" he asks.

Captain Kematsopoulos' emotions do a 180 degree turn as he issues new orders. The display of anger had been a ploy to buy the Eagle some much needed time.

 "Mr. Cochrane, keep scanning. That is not a Galdonese warship and the Empress is not onboard," he orders coolly.

"I can't explain it. This may be a projected image. I do know that whatever it is or whoever she is, she is not the Empress and there are no Galadons onboard," he said to the startled bridge crew.

"Science, I want a full detailed analysis of the space of the point of origin of the transmission and 3400 kms around it.  Use astrometric's sensor array and all our specialized scientific equipment. There may be more than one ship involved. There may some devices deployed here to aid in the deception. We have a lot of advantages in being a highly specialized science research vessel. I want that capitalized on," he orders.

 "Mr. Unstoffe, (SEC/TAC) prepare a photon torpedo spread to target a radius of 900 ms around where our sensors are telling us that warship is located," the CO commands.

"Aye, sir. Photon torpedo spread radius 900 ms," Ensign Unstoffe acknowledges.

"Science and SEC/TAC,  scan for buoys or anything like that which may aid their deception of posing as the Empress and her flag ship. If you find anything send it to me immediately," he orders.

Ensign Unstoffe's fingers dance over panel as he redirects the torpedoes to explode in a circle about the "Galadonese" ship as he replies, " Aye, sir," Ensign replies.

The warship targets and fires! The deadly red light of their epsilon disrupter lashes out angrily at the Eagle.

Title: An Unexpected Detour, Part Eight
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

KABOOM! "The Galadonese warship" fires again on the Eagle, forcing her starboard shields down by ten percent.

"Sir, starboard shields down 10%, but holding. They are using an epsilon type disrupter by the signature. It appears to be the same ship that fired upon the Star. Request to return fire!" Ensign Unstoffe says with his fingers eagerly poised over the trigger.

The CO raises an eyebrow at the analysis to emphasize that more pieces of this puzzle are found.

"Granted," the Captain replies.

SCREEEEEEECH! BOOM! another deadly volley of the disruptor hits the mark, this time it was not the Eagle!

"They're firing upon the Star!They deliberately fired on the weakest part of the ship. Her shields down fifty percent!" the XO exclaimed.

"We're being hailed, Captain," the communications says.

"Return the hail. On screen," the Captain orders.

Ensign Unstoffe fires all four of the Eagle's forward phasers. Oddly the barrage of phaser blasts has no effect on warship.

"Sir, I've got that torpedo spread you ordered standing by" the Ensign informs as he
uses short range targeting scanners to look for other objects in vicinity.

"Captain, We can play all day long like this... But I demand now that you give over your Tureth on board or we will begin to play rough. We will remove them dead or alive," the Empress hissed.

"We cannot turn over the Tureth. We have sworn to protect them. We would do the same for you if the situation was reversed, "the Captain continues trying to reason as well as buy the Eagle more time to discover the truth about the warship and her occupants.

"You and your tiny crew will be defeated if you don't comply. You've seen, first hand, near destruction of the harmless luxury passenger starliner.

Nouri looked out into space, the Star was almost derelict now and drifting off into space. What type of evil beings were really behind this attack he wondered and why?

Title:An Unexpected Detour, Part Nine
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

Captain Kematsopoulos motions to Unstoffe to send the photon torpedo spread. Ensign Unstoffe quickly executes the order while the CO keeps the "Empress" engaged.

"We have held back so far, but I'm becoming very impatient," she said angrily, her beautiful blue eyes ruined by the glare of hatred.
"Why did you attack the Star?" the CO asks trying to stall for time. He hopes also to get whoever it is off guard so they can make a mistake and tip their hand.

That is no concern of yours," she said angrily.

SCAHREEKARUNCK! Photon torpedoes erupt from the Eagle and surround the warship at a distance of 900 ms.

 The results of photon spread reveal four ships for a millisecond to the main view screen. Simultaneously the Eagle's sophisticated astrometric sensors reveal eight small concentrations of duranium-tritanium.

Title: An Unexpected Detour, Part Ten
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

 "Status Report!" the Captain orders

"Sir, I detected four other cloaked ships when the torpedoes detonated!" Ensign Unstoffe exclaims.

"Good work. Let's hope they do not know what we are trying to do. We need to buy us some time. Every precious second could make the difference," the CO cautions.

"Shields at 90% and holding.  All weapons on line," the Ensign adds.

 "And I'm scanning on some concentrations of duranuim-tritanium that seems to be showing up. Eight areas," CDR Cline reports.

"Probes or buoys??" Captain Kematsopoulos asks.

 "Still unsure, Captain. Scanning again now, " the XO replies.

"Mr. Unstoffe, keep an eye out for those ships. Inform me when you can see them again.
"Aye, sir," the Ensign acknowledges.

The warship targets the Star again and fires. The cruise liner's shields drop down to forty percent over all and ten percent where the hull breach ad been repaired. The enemy has once again targeted the weakest part of the ship.

The enemy shifts its attack, targets the Eagle and fires. The small science vessel shudders violently.

"Shields done to 80%. Power outages reported," Ensign Unstoffe updates the status.
"I've targeted the photon torpedoes on the warships.  Request permission to return

"Permission granted. Fire at will," the Captain orders.

The enemy targets the Eagle again and fires. The starboard phaser array is rendered inoperative. The Eagle launches another photon torpedo at the firing warship.

"I've lost the starboard phaser bank, " Ensign Unstoffe says as he informs Engineering and adjusts targeting to compensate. He fires the port phaser array instead.

Oddly again the Galadonese ship appears unaffected.

"Sir, if this ship is a projection of some sort...maybe we're not seeing actual damage occurring when perhaps there has been some?" CDR Cline postulates.

Correct," the CO acknowledges with a wink.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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