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Captain Kematsopoulos, CO


Title: The Drawer, Part Four
Stardate: 200601.30
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Captain's Quarters

"I've got you. It's OK, sir. Just get some sleep and you'll be fine in the morning. Let me get you to bed," Yeoman Perksandra says reassuringly. She puts the man's arm over her shoulder and steers him towards the other room. She tries to make sure to not just to help hold him up to keep him from falling but that he felt physically secure in space. She spent a lot of time trying to imagine his disorientation having not just the blindness to deal with but the inner ear problems. That was part of what made her so good at her job, the ability to put herself in other people's positions to try and get an idea of what they needed.

"OK, here we are, sir. Sit down slowly, very slowly, I don't want you to get more dizzy by changing your movements suddenly again," she tells him.

The man instinctively shut his eyes tight even though he could not see the room spin. He follows her haltingly.

"Good," she says getting him to sit on the bed safely.

"You just sit here. I'll get your boot. You tell me when the spinning slows down and I'll help you move again," she says taking firm hold of the right boot.

CRASH! CLANK!  The picture on his night stand hits the deck.

"What was that?" he asks barely coherent having no idea where he is anymore or even who he is or when.

"Nothing sir. I'll get it later," she says to get him not to worry.

"I am suddenly so ..." he starts to say as exhaustion takes over. He falls asleep.

"Gotcha," Yeoman Meredith Perksandra says catching him.

"Good, I guess. At least, I don't have to lie to the CMO to tell her you got rest and I don't have to worry about when it's OK to move you," she says easing him down.  She begins to take off the left boot.

"You're pushing yourself too much like when you first became Captain.  I know you can't hear me now but I am hoping," she says starting to raise her voice gently and getting the boot off. "Hoping subliminal advice can work on you.  You're going to need to get a lot of rest and to cut yourself some slack. You do it for others. Now it's you turn," she says loosening the clasp on the jacket strap. As Meredith does so she notices some things in his pocket. She takes them out, not wanting him to hurt himself on them if he rolled over and puts them in the drawer by the nightstand. She does this without paying particular attention to what she had grabbed.

"Oops," she says as she realizes she forgot to pick up the picture. She reaches behind his nightstand to get the picture of him and his wife that fell. Then she pulls him carefully to the center of the bed.

"It's noble how you still love her and hope she will be found alive, but no one else could have survived the accident. You should move on. T'Nar would want you to. Certainly not logical she would be the first to tell you," she continues chiding him, still hoping his subconscious would listen.

"T'Nar.." the man mumbles, rolling over having a dream.  

~~She must have been something,~~ she thinks. She never met his wife.

This was all difficult for Meredith.  She really admired and looked up to the Captain but he was, according to her, making one big mistake in his life.

"Poor CDR Tsiolkovsky," she says.  Yeoman Perksandra looks again at the picture his young wife and absently talks to it, "You are dead and she still can't compete with you."

Yeoman Perksandra looks back at Captain who is sleeping fitfully, apparently having a difficult dream. She sighs, "Going to be a long afternoon."  She adjusts the blanket and leaves.

She activates the comms.

"Naomi. I am in over my head. The Captain is not doing well. He is disoriented and can't seem to remember much. Can you please come now? I am not sure I did the right thing getting him from Sickbay, but if I ask the doctors well . . . you know they are not going let him stay in his quarters and he'll be miserable in Sickbay," she explains.

"How is he now?" the voice of a much older woman with a slight Ethiopian accent asks over the comms.

"Sleeping," Meredith replies.

"Good. Say no more. l'll be right there," Naomi says.

"Thanks. Sorry. I.. I didn't know ..," Meredith starts to say.

"No. No apologies. On my way," Yeoman Tsundra interrupts reassuringly. She grabs a bag she had ready for such an emergency and leaves swiftly to the Captain's Quarters.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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